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My friend's parents are trying to decide on a new cheap family car. This is their second car, so they do not need some very expensive car or performance. they are planning to spend around 24-25k CDN or around 19K USD. The choices are Honda Civic SiG, Toyota Corolla Type S, Lancer Ralliart, and the Echo Hatchback. I am leaning towards the Civic, since its a honda, and it is the most spatious one of the four. By the way, the echo hatchback is exclusive the Canada, i do not know why the States dunt get the hatchback, but its tiny. They want the 5 door version. I am telling them to get the Civic, if any one thinks differently please give comment. And the fact that everyone has a civic is not good enough a reason not to buy the car. ahhaha :D

Honda Civic SiG thawk_Black_Pearl_Si.jpg

Toyota Corolla Type S 2.jpg

Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart

Toyota Echo Hatchback 5 door

posted by  aerith

i think dat the civic and da lancer ralliart are the best looking of the bunch! GO W/ DA LANCER OR CIVIC!!!! Corolla is a POS!! HAHA

posted by  fury604

Well, i agree that the Civic SiG and the Lancer Ralliart are the better looking of the lot. But I wouldnt go as far as calling the Corolla a piece of sh#t. IT gets 40mpg. But looks are all personal preference, i want real input like gas efficency and reliability issues, or any other issues that are not involved with personal preference.

posted by  aerith

No Mazda!!!??? I think the mazda3 is better looking than all the above, but im not sure if it's available in canada. If that's the case, go with civic.

posted by  importluva

Yeah the mazda3 is a nice looking car.

Yes it is, whom told you this? Everyone has a civic, so therefore it has to be good :thumbs:

posted by  DSMer

since gas efficiency and reliability are the main choices, the corolla is the obvious choice, and i hate hondas, so the lancer would be the second choice if it had to be judged upon hp and looks.

or they can just sit back and wait for the new Corolla XRS. it looks nice, has more ample power (170hp), and is still as reliable and efficient.

posted by  Inygknok

Yeah, the mazda was taken into consideration, but theyu decided against it, due to previous troubles w/ previous mazdas. I know that previous experiences with previous cars, shouldnt effect the decision of a new car. But its not me, they are people near age 50. Its the way they, think and i cant change their minds. And the the part about "Everyone having a civic is not a reason to get one" i meant that the idea of so much people having a civic is not a good idea not to get it. I recommended the civic, cause its the best bang for your buck. The top two choices were the corolla and the civic. I chose the civic because the interior is just so much nicer. The corolla interior looked and felt so cheap. The lancer was a strong contender as well, but it just loooked so ugly if you didnt get the ralliart version, and that was just a little over budget.

posted by  aerith

The Mazda 3 is a better looking car but if thats the cars they have to choose i would say the Civic SIG all the way honda's have always been reliable in most ways but the mistubishi lancer ralliart also caught my eye but for a family car i would have to say the Civic. :thumbs:

posted by  87TurboII

Correct me if i'm wrong, but doesn't the mazda3 start at around 19k? If it does, than you can't compare that with a civic, which you can pick up loaded around 14k, and a corolla which is around the same price. I would go with the 4 door civic just because its dependable, pretty roomy, and gets excellent gas mileage.

posted by  Solar

nope, look here ( 30&year=2004&modelid=7491)

posted by  importluva

The civic gets better MPG highway. Instead of 40mpg the civic gets 30-51mpg. But this all depends on the test conditions. The quality of the road, the altitude, the fuel used, and the tires are all important conditions to think about. So i am not sure the fuel efficency really matters between these two cars since they are both so good. But i think i would go with the Civic, due to the quality of the interior. Since Toyota chooses the uglies color schemes possible. Who the hell in their right mind would want a bland grey colour? If they go for the SiG, the interior is really nicely finished especially if they spring for the CF interior trim.

posted by  aerith

Hey, Importluva you and STiman are really starting a STi fan club? That's it, i'll just start an Evo fan club!! HAHA :hi: Now, just to find members, DSmer, you seem like an big enough Evo fan.

posted by  aerith

Skip da damn Civic!! unless dey newlyweds or something, they should step up to a new/used honda accord LX/EX, u cannot go wrong wit dat car, and if u ever have dat speed monkey on your back, you got enuf to create a street monster :drool:

posted by  allroundcarguy2

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