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Honda HSC (Honda Sports Concept) is widely seen as the forerunner of the second generation NSX. The concept car shown in Tokyo Motor Show combines the long-slung profile of the current NSX with muscular shoulders and a modernized tail. Technology-wise, it is less innovative than the current car. Aluminum chassis and part aluminum, part composite body continues the serve Honda's flagship sports car. The engine remains to be a small-capacity V6, capable of delivering in excess of 300hp, compare with the current car's 290hp. However, Honda did not reveal any more details of the engine. Transmission is a paddle-shift semi-automatic.

Externally, the concept car is much wider and shorter than the NSX, although it has longer wheelbase. Its styling differs very much from European sports cars, injecting fresh air to the sports car world. Let's hope Honda put it into production as soon as possible.

Very nice car indeed! looks superb too! :thumbs:
(yeah i copied and pasted again, so what!) - quickest way to get information across in its original form

posted by  WeaponR


Also, i read somewhere that the NSX was being shelved, although honda denies it. Im not sure about the details but its just a rumor.

posted by  importluva

can't you see them? i've posted 2 of them.

try again

posted by  WeaponR

nope, i dont see any. post the urls.

posted by  importluva

yea, i cant see the pics either...

oh and WeaponR... YOU'RE A LAZY BUM!! :fu:

:laughing: im gonna send u this Mad TV video i got of the impersonation of James Brown in a thanksgiving special and some bums, just for u :D

posted by  Inygknok

too bad you can't see them cos niether can i, now! i think the sites down or sumat

well you tell me this Inygknok, who wouldn't be lazy at 3 in the mornin' :screwy:

EDIT: i've got the images on my hard drive so if some one could host them on the net then we could all see them.....any one?

EDIT #2: this is dumb, i can see the pics now...there's sumat not right here. i think im goin' to go and make myself a little image place on the net my self :thumbs:

posted by  WeaponR

can you see them now?

posted by  WeaponR

I can see em clear. :smoke:

err the fronts a bit like the nsx

the backs a bit boxy but that seems to be the way cars are goin theese days

Still sweet :mrgreen:

posted by  Lukaz


looks like the ones which i copied from the site are not workin' but the ones on my own image place on the net are :thumbs:

i think the back looks a little boxy too and it reminds me of a Ferarri for some reason even though i did read some where that the rear of the NSX was inspired by the Ferarri. not this model but the previous models.

posted by  WeaponR

the back actually reminds me of the concept version of the R35 skyline

its very similar .. maybe to similar

posted by  Lukaz

rounding out the back outta do it for this car. :thumbs:

posted by  importluva

oh, i had forgotten that i had seen those pics before already......

still, the car looks great, even though i really dont like the new front end of the NSX.

posted by  Inygknok

I think it looks pretty nice. Too bad nothing has changed much performance wise. I think, along with every other car enthusiast out there that Honda should venture into the V8 field. With their ingenuity they can probaly craft an incredible V8, capable at least of 400hp. Too bad, they are more concerned with feul efficency, and reliablity. :laughing:

Imagine this body with a V8. :drool:

posted by  aerith

i dont like it... infact i really dont like it, i like the nsx how it is... no changes, no concepts... plus im not to big of a fan for concepts

posted by  mazda6man

I like some concepts but somtimes you look at some concept car from a previously beautiful looking model and you have to say to yourself "what the :cussing: was they thinking, looks like a two year olds molding using play dough"

concepts are made to look shocking some do for the wrong reasons

posted by  Lukaz

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