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Mazda's sports-car revival, beginning with this year's RX-8 and the possible return of the RX-7, culminates with a new Miata expected in 2006. While the two-seat sportster will be only slightly larger than the current model, there's speculation the Miata will share its platform with the RX-8. More likely, the connection will be limited to some component sharing.

One unusual feature of the '06 Miata is the convertible roof, which, we're told, is a manually raised and lowered metal top. Whereas the old BMW Z3 often was criticized for being an overpriced Miata, the new Z4 distances itself from the affordable Japanese alternative. However, Mazda also is rumored to be considering a new lightweight V-6 as an option for the Miata (also known as the MX-5 and Eunos in other markets). A V-6 could keep it within striking distance of the Bimmer's performance.

The front end of the new Miata retains the current car's flavor, while it's growing in size slightly to accommodate taller drivers. The car's tail will sport a connection to the new RX-8.

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anyhow, i had read about the new Miata aswell, but the articles kept saying that Mazda hated it when everyone said, "hey, neat, a new Miata!"

posted by  Inygknok

WTF! a hope you ain't a male!!

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even males slap other males..... gotta knock some sense into u somehow..... but ok, ill just start hitting u with my bat.... my baseball bat that is!

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wheres the pics?

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what, on the bum? NO WAY!

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there are non which were on the site however, some artist drew an impression of it which i will try and find and post for you guys. won't be long don't worry.

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din't take long see lol here it is.... .jpg

posted by  WeaponR

looks like a smoother sleeker version of an Rx-8

i think mazda might be trying to get rid of the people that think mx-5 miatas and eunos as being hair dressing girl cars.

I like it :thumbs:

posted by  Lukaz

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