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I want to get your input on a decision that I am going to make. Alright. I have around 4.5-6 K to spend on a car. I should have other income to do modifications as time goes on. I have currently a Storm and I am quiet tired of having a junk car. I am not tired of the good fuel economy, rather I am quite spoiled by it. Well a little in any case. So I am now interested in a sporty looking car that won't kill me at the pump. Also I would like the car to have some acceleration though a high top speed is not a real issue. I am looking almost exclusively at Honda Civics 95+ as well as a few preludes and celicas. I also would like to have some modifications under the hood as well as on the body. I would use this as a daily driver for at least the summer so I don't need that much power (I don't want to be like every one else with a flashy civic and nothing under the hood, however). I am thinking about getting a decent Civic shell and then doing an engine swap with a JDM B16 a or b. I wonder if you have any comments on this. I have seen these engines going for ~1.7 to 2.4k. Could I do the swap for under budget and are these sources of engines trustworthy. What does a good shell go for? Should I just get a stock car and do some smaller mods instead of a swap? if so what model and which mods. Is my budget to small? Well any info you give me be appretated and any flaming will probably be deserved.

posted by  armedXandXready

I would advise that you sell your storm, and with whatever cash you can get, add to your already-good-enough budget to get an Integra GSR. Those cars can be bought prety cheap, they are cheap to upgrade, it already has plenty of power (you will notice quite a change from your storm, see here (http://research.cars.com/go/crp/summary.jsp?logtype=6&aff=national&makeid= 1&year=1994&modelid=2)) Be sure to look at the JD&P ratings, look at the GSR's specs.

This should be less of a hassle than to deal with engine swaps and the like.

Other cars to consider:

Mitsubishi Eclipse (http://research.cars.com/go/crp/summary.jsp?logtype=6&aff=national&makeid= 34&year=1995&modelid=310) This car is great to mod, but look at the JD&P ratings, not very good.

Nissan 240SX (http://research.cars.com/go/crp/summary.jsp?logtype=6&aff=national&makeid= 36&year=1995&modelid=329) An excellent all around car.

Toyota Celica (http://research.cars.com/go/crp/summary.jsp?logtype=6&aff=national&makeid= 47&year=1995&modelid=425) Very reliable, but $$$ and not too powerful.

Honda Prelude (http://research.cars.com/go/crp/summary.jsp?logtype=6&aff=national&makeid= 18&year=1995&modelid=217) Also a very very good car, plenty of power.

Consider the many options before making a decision.

posted by  importluva

the Celica all depends on which one to be exact, the GT4 is a beast. Turbo, AWD, 240hp. Certainly one of Toyota's best.

Nissan 240 SX's are VERY well known for being universal cars, u can go from the popular sr20det engine, or to an RB20DET, rb25, or even rb26, or rb30 if u have the money (s13 redtop sr20det and rb20det being the cheapest front clips to buy, but rb20det is hard to get parts for if u dont live in europe or japan). you can even fit 300zx engines in on them, or LT1's, etc.

Honda.... ok i just plain hate hondas..... specially civics..... and a b16 powered integra would be a joke, specially when they have b18's in stock form..... while a prelude would be the best choice of all, since it can carry the almighty h22 which is capable of even more power and alot longer lifetime.

the DSMs...... lets not talk about 2g crankwalks shall we? as for the 1G's, they aint so good looking to be exact, so that wouldnt be ur choice for a car to add body mods to, even though ive see a fair few VERY nice looking 1g', but u know......

theres also the late 80's, early 90's toyota supra. its alot cheaper to get than wat people think (i swear it by my own pride). they r also alot cheaper to mod than wat people think, n their mileage is great (i own one, so i talk from experience, and im friends with 2 guys that had the same car but extremely well modded, and never complained, except for the weight factor).

u could even get a 3rd gen Camaro, which have plenty of potential (i know, its a domestic and this is an asian section, but he asked and im very open minded.... except for Hondas).

theres also the FC3S (aka the late 80's-early 90's RX-7), but make sure u buy the Turbo 2, its from 1989-1992. the first one (1985-1988) had 18hp less than the later one, hence why the other one is called the Turbo II (second turbo rx-7). BUT, keep in mind, rotaries arent THAT economical in fuel efficiency nor maintainance if u dont take care of them, n they all pretty much blow after certain mileages or hard drives.

thats all i can think of for now.... ill reply later with more ideas

posted by  Inygknok

Oh I might as well add a few more restrictions. I only want a vehicle with natural aspiration and I want nothing to do with DSM (as a matter of looks as well as bad reports about them). Is a swap really that hard? I think I might pull it off. I have done more work on tractors and old trucks, but I can get help. I more or less wanted a civic because on the light body and gas effeciency. Some of these cars you are suggesting get in the low 20's for city. According to a goverment site civics get like high 20's to low 30's for city. Some achieving +40 mph on the highway. A civic with a 1.6 L gets 35 mpg. I think that one is SOHC. A DOHC should get better, right? I would probably get a B16A G2 with 170 hp. This is better than many of the cars suggested. These engines seem to be some of the more affordable ones. This would give greater power than the stock celica and prelude. Top speed is not a great concern of mine only acceleration. The 240SX has a good deal of power. I don't want sacrifice fuel economy on the altar of power, though. As far as domestic cars, the economy usually blows and if gas prices were not and issue I would get a 70's nova, Maverick, or some old dodge. Really hate the 80+ cars. Right now only considering imports.

posted by  armedXandXready

swapping engines is probably not very easy, but not impossible as many have done. it seems like you are bent on getting a civic, so by all means, do what makes you happy.

posted by  importluva

Nippy and wont kill you at the pump

Mums celica is like that fairly efficient fuel wise it gets to 140 mph and quick

The 240SX or 200SX in britian is a nice car and is cheap but you put your foot down and she gets thristy but FR drive is fun :mrgreen:

Or you could go with the toyota MR2 :thumbs:

how fast do you want out of a car?

posted by  Lukaz

I really don't care about speed too much. If I had a car that topped out at 90 I would not care. Don't ever drive that fast. Acceleration and fuel effeciency are all I am concerned with. The enduro I have can beat stock sports cars off the line. That is a blast. Hit 35 and I have nothing. Don't care though. Don't get speeding tickets either. I'm not set on a civic I was kind of looking for any down side of them or cars that fit the criteria that were better. Has any one done the b16a2 swap? Or what does a shell usally go for?

posted by  armedXandXready

Well if you like civic's you should look into a civic hatckback 93-95. Good mpg easy to mod, looks decent why not¿ People are swapping rsx engines (K20) into the 96-98 hatchback models. But a good idea would be to keep your car as stock as possible, you dont want to dream up a turbo or anything that could possibly screw up your car (unless you know what you're doing). I've sold me 300zx and bought a 93 integra (with JDM b16), and I'll tell you its the most reliable car ive ever had (out of 2 cars lol). Even with the stock b18a its extremely reliable. I'd suggest an integra LS, they hold their value and even bone stock are fun ass hell to drive. Not to mention their after market support and reputation. It comes with vtec (i think). If you get a GSR your just plain lucky.

posted by  jzxTT

sry :doh: didnt read b 4 I posted. I currently have a b16a head in my integra, every penny of my dollar was well worth it, but stay away from swaps, unless you know what you're doing and buy EVERYTHING you need for the swap ex. if u swap and engine buy a new clutch and a new tranny ect. dont mix match parts unless you know they work. Trust me get either a low milage integra LS (not rs), or a high milage Ls and rebuild the engine and then mod (never mod a high milage car *DUH*). (both vtec) jdm b16 is 1.6 liter and cant pass smog (legally :mrgreen: ), the stock LS engine is a B18a w/ 1.8 liters and can pass smog legally. though the jdm b16 has like 10-25 more hp throw intake, exhaust, headers and you have exeeded (¿) the jdm with a stock usdm engine. This way you wont have to deal with the swap, the engine gets a bath and then gets modded legally.

posted by  jzxTT

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