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I thought I knew what rice meant but I'm not sure now. Does rice mean a japanese car (motor trend definition) or does it mean a car thats been supped up only on the exterior but nothing for power (what I thought)?

posted by  zipper

what you thought. but so many japanese cars are riced out that rice has become associated with only asian imports.

posted by  importluva

Pictorial examples of "rice" cars.

Rice 1 (http://www.datsuns.com/events/woodburn10-98/riceboy3.jpg)
Rice 2 (http://www.datsuns.com/events/woodburn10-98/riceboy2.jpg)
Rice 3 (http://www.excessvelocity.com/rice/riceboy01.jpg)
Rice 4 (http://www.excessvelocity.com/rice/riceboy02.jpg)
Rice 5 (http://www.hksskyline.streetracing.org/images/bluetrustskyline(side_view). jpg)
Rice 6 (http://www.hksskyline.streetracing.org/images/gullwing_skyline.jpg)
Burned Rice (http://www.hksskyline.streetracing.org/images/crashedr34skyline.jpg)

posted by  BavarianWheels

isn't rice the thing which you grow and eat for dinner?

it's a car which is only worked on to make it look good. my sig explains all to these dumb ricers :banghead:

posted by  WeaponR

[QUOTE=WeaponR]isn't rice the thing which you grow and eat for dinner?

Yea, I agree that's the best type of rice. I should just get a bunch of steamed rice; dump it on my car and show up at one of those rice show off places...

posted by  zipper

haha i bet you'd win the compo. :2cents:

posted by  WeaponR

like my stupid civic is probably a rice car its not like a tarty kev mobile it just sounds phat cos i stuck a bean can on it . infact it sounds like a sloppy wet fart.

hmmm ill win the comp with egg fried rice :mrgreen:

posted by  Lukaz

:laughing: :laughing: :thumbs:

posted by  WeaponR

To me, ricing is when people put stupid body kits, and huge chrome wheels and insanely huge wings and muffler tips on their cars, but when you walk close enough you notice that it is an automatic. Ricing to me personally is when people make their car look fast, but their car is stock otherwise. People who put body kits and wings and rims, but their engine, suspension, feul management, weight or any other performance-related thing is untouched. Or the people with insanely loud cars, i hate that. If your car has the power you do not need to wake the whole block to show it. It is like stuffing your pants, a true powerful car uses a exhaust system to quiet down their car not make it louder.

That is my :2cents:

posted by  aerith

Aerith got it in 1 matey :clap:

in england cars like that we call christmas trees. espically the cars with neons. they look all go but there not !

posted by  Lukaz

all show and no go, thats what the NOVA boys are made of :laughing:

posted by  cinqyg

While everyone here is correct, "rice" strung from a generalization of cars/culture. Most likley started from americans with muscle cars or just general domestic cars. They would refer to Japaneese cars ars rice. Particuarly because they come from Japan and Japan is known for having alot of rice in their food. Sorta how a Japanese car driver might call a muscle car guy a "meathead", or a german car driver a "sauage boy". Even though all European cars are not made in germany they are racial slurs applied to cars.

But slanderous terms for Euro cars and American muscle never stuck because they were generally powerful cars. So that leaves you with a "rice". I have no clue how far this word goes back, but most muscle car guys rag on people with "rice" cars because they saw them as inferior on the drag. They then became generalized with nitrous and then a variety of other products(body kits, neons, chrome wheels etc..)

Now the word "ricer" could mean a variety of things. Anyone who drives an Asian car could be considered a "ricer". Other genraliztions like "rice burner" could come from generally fast Asain imports. Now when you think "rice" you genrally go straight to Honda Civic. Although the older hondas had very good suspension, they were still considered inferior on the drag strip due to the nature of their FWD and low HP claims. Problem is that very few Civics were actually fast. So the many Civic drivers who slapped DOHC stickers and Type-R decals on there car to appear fast or that they were packing heat under the hood gave a bad name to all other Asain imports.

It was a hell of alot cheaper to put a body kit on your car and decals than to swap in a 4 thousand dollar motor. So naturally you get alot of people driving their fast looking Civics arround with no actual go. Not only civics I'm sure other makes and models were involved but because of the nature of Civics vast upgrade catelogue I'll just single the Civic out. So now you get guys who look fast and guys who are fast. Again there were more imposters than actual balls out cars. So people began creating inport gatherings to show off their flashy looking imports. They had bodykits galore, and shiny engine components. These probably turned into autoshows like HIN.

So a "rice" is genrally an Asian import that was made to appear faster than it actually did go.(Although I did'nt know that body kits and spoilers translated to speed but w.e). A "ricer" is a person whom drives such a vehicle.

Nowadays a "ricer" could be a guy with a fast ass 12 second import. You'll get labled a "ricer" for just puting decals on your car. You don't even have to have a body kit. "Ricer" is more or less a posotive thing that signifies your cars culture . You can go into a autoparts store and say I wanna "rice" my car out, and you could be talking about performance upgrades and visual upgrades. Some people I've met at HIN consider themselves to be part of the "rice" crowd. "ricing" has become more of a hobby for Asian imports to see who can make the fastest, badest, best looking "rice". Although they like to call it tuning or being tunerz(wich may actually happen) they are still "ricers".

Its a form of culture, it also could be taken as an insult, or a person whom drives a flashy looking import with little or no engine modifications.

But I'm basicly saying....Rice..... Is whatever YOU percieve it to be.

posted by  DSMer

That's crazy. Sounds more like a racial slur than anything.

posted by  zipper

and the SAXO, 206, 306, FIESTA boys! all of them stupid boy racers!!

funny we call them boy racers cos them cars can't race :banghead: got to much wieght on with all that kit :laughing:

posted by  WeaponR

i had always wondered wat was the term for the euro and domestic cars..... i just kept pointing at all the european cars and called them Nazis....

posted by  Inygknok

:laughing: what makes you come to that word?

posted by  WeaponR

Haha nice.

posted by  zipper

That is why we call them fart cannons :thumbs:

posted by  Voda48

LOL :orglaugh:

yea i know all about the lil boy racers ooohhh look at me in 1.3 SR nova bad boy with soundsystem thinking there all bad.

not long ago a corsa reved me mums car at the lights.

hows it going down a 1.4 ls corsa vs a celica GTI Goodbye! :fu: around here we got them all saxo boys , fiesta, escorts, nova crew. wow man check out my 69 BHP ride innit wicked! :sleep:

posted by  Lukaz

Personally, I have a different definition of rice than most people. I think that declaring someone a rice boy is a matter of knowing them. Honestly, I think that a rice boy is one who claims their car is fast (and it certainly looks it) but it isn't at all. I don't think it's fair to declare someone a rice boy just because they have a body kit on their car... because you have no idea what their intentions for the car were. Maybe they just want a car that looks good but don't care about speed. Or maybe they are infact little rice boys who spit game about their car but have nothing to back it up. There are a lot of people with body-kitted cars that will admit that it's stock under the hood. So I'd hold off judgement about everyone with a car that may "look" riced.... :banghead:

Besides, to each his own! If someone wants a fast-looking car but don't care about speed, fine by me. It's not my car, so why should I tell them what to do with it? But it does bother me the people who are a walking, talking billboard for their car that really isn't fast but can run low 5's... :banghead:

posted by  Patrick

Very true. not all people with good looking cars think there the hot stuff. infact some are allright people. rice boys are people who think there cars hot cos they got furry dice and maxpower stickers on there car throttling and ruining there rides by over reving cos they think there cool. In realitly its look at me im an idiot! :ticking:

posted by  Lukaz

hehe, well the whole german nazi thing is one.... second reason is a bit more personal and its gonna start a big argument.

posted by  Inygknok

Yes I found it quite hilarious when this kid who drives a honda made fun of this kid in a Jetta and called him a "sausage boy". I was like wtf? Hes like "Yeah he wants to call me a rice boy I'll call his ass a sausage boy." I'm guessing hes making fun of german sausage or whatever...

Also the meat head thingy has alway been arround, becuase muscular guys are considered to be stupid pounds of meat n muscle so people call them meat heads so meat head can apply to a muscle car driver.

Haha, if only sterotypes work that way. No sterotype works in the matter of "You have to know them", Thats what makes it a sterotype you can just judge them by what they look like and or drive...

Low 5's What the hell?

posted by  DSMer

Basically you were right tice is all exterior no engine mostly asians and japanese :screwy:

posted by  87TurboII

So decals stickers and bean cans don't boost your hp? damn, better start peeling. :laughing:

posted by  zipper

Some one say rice? :thumbs:



posted by  WeaponR

Ok so you got some nice rice there Weapon R but its nothing comapre to this!

check out my rice!


Notice the egg and added extras for a more powerul Pahhhhhh (fart) :ohcrap:

posted by  Lukaz

ok Luke....who wins the fartin' contest now huh! :laughing:


posted by  WeaponR

You wanna see rice at its best you got it!

This is going into the uncle bens range now matey :smoke:





posted by  Lukaz

Excellent Photoshop shadowing on the last one! :thumbs: :laughing:

posted by  BavarianWheels

Yea i know bit fake lol :ohcrap: 3 mins in microsoft paint! lol

But seriously on top gear once they had this rover which looked like it had an oil drum for an exhuast why would anyone do that to there car? :screwy:

posted by  Lukaz

To poke fun at the Ricers that have a need for large coffee can exhaust pipes. Exhaust pipes that make coffee can or coke can noises and are referred to as fart cannons. In other words, annoying and foul noise makers.

posted by  BavarianWheels

I'm sure someone said it already... rice = cars from asia
but now it has turn into a car that has mods to make it look fast yet it remains slow as hell... since now we have american rice... lol

posted by  SunDown13X VR4

yall havent' seen rice until you have seen my desperate out of money ricey car!!

posted by  87TurboII

and this..

posted by  87TurboII

I think the point was "dont judge a book by its cover." it shouldn't BE a valued goal to be predjudicial and judgemental based on appearences. An intelligent person wouldn't aspire tousing a stereotype to judge people.

As a comedian frind of mine says on stage, "don't be predjudixial and hate someone for a stereotype! Get to know them first. You'll find LOTS of real reasons to hate them!"

As for riceboys/Ricers, etc, in the US I know it was started around a decade ago withthe riceboypage. Bryan hong started drawing a cartoon out in California in the early '90s about a fictitious character called "Riceboy" based on his observations of the asian car culture around him at the time (1992)


"Episode 1: How to make your car faster
Hi. My name is Rice-Boy. I have the sweetest, most original car ever. The stickers make it go fast. So does the spoiler. Chicks love my car. They think it's fast."


This is the page that started it all back in the day: http://riceboypage.com/

I don't agree with everything he has said on the page, and he and I corresponded regularly for years. But this is where it (the term) really started.

posted by  ChrisV

Hehe, well, this is good stuff to offend those who think they know a lot about tuning :clap: , but i think it might give ppl who own rice rockets that really move like rockets, a bad name :ohcrap: Peace out, and watch who u make fun of, i guess :wink2: Oh yeah, also, i checked out the page www.riceboypage.com. Oh my god, I found it quite amusing :mrgreen: that the 88 honda accord had the VTEC stickers all over. Damn, that A20A was still available with a freakin carb for cryin out loud!! But i thought the car looked okay, a helluva lot better than my maroon, purple window-tinted one. In addition, and for future reference, I am sick and tired of seeing stock civics with Type R or SiR on them. Only Canada and maybe Europe has the SiR, and as if it couldn't get any worse, i see the Type R badge, right next to the DX, LX, or EX badge!!! :screwy:

posted by  allroundcarguy2

Well im sure that most people that joined this car forum are not ricers but some of us must want to make our cars look nice. Kinda sounds like your raggin on people with nice lookin cars. Well i know that when im done with my car's performance that imma hook up the looks. Im expecting to put a couple grand in. But the stupid thing is the wings they have on the back of those cars. That shit gives us tuners a bad rep. Yesterday i go to Pep Boys to grab some brake fluid and what do i see, about 5 punks looking at these mufflers like "YEAH man thats cool" and talking all this shit like their car is soooo cool and when were in line they are in front of me. Guesss what they buy... 1 neon light. Not 3 or 4 but 1. And when i get out, they are driving a civic hatchback with electrical tape on the glass saying 'crazy crew'. Thats a shame.

posted by  VMJYogi

The car on your sig is rice. Best definition, ripped from urbandictionary.com

"Ricer: from the latin word Ricarius meaning to suck at everything you attempt)

A person who makes unecessary modifications to their most often import car (hence the term "rice") to make it (mostly make it look) faster. The most common modifications are (but not limited to):

- Huge exhaust that serves no purpose but to make the car louder
- Large spoiler on the back that looks like something Boeing made for the 747
- Lots of after-market company stickers they don't have parts from, but must be cool
- Expensive rims that usually cost more than the car itself
- Bodykit to make the car appear lower, usually accented with chicken wire
- Clear tail lights and corner signals
- A "performace intake"- a tube that feeds cold air to their engine usually located in areas of excessive heat (behind or on top of the engine)
- Most of these riced cars (a.k.a. rice rockets or rice burners) are imports; Honda Civics, Accords, Integras, CRXs, RSXs, Del Sols Mitsubishi Eclipses, Lancers, Subaru Imprezas, however there are some domestics such as Chevrolet Caviliers, Dodge Neons, Ford Focus; small, slow, economy cars designed specifically to go slow. Please note that some Supras, Skylines, WRX's and other higher performance imports are designed to go fast, and are therfore not always considered rice. It really depends on the severity of the case.

The "ricer" attempts to make their car "performance" by adding the modifications listed above. These ricers are not confined to any one ethnic group or color, however different ethnic groups are known for certain styles."

However, it can include powerful cars that are ugly.

posted by  Oomba

This is what you call "rice", someone trying to make their car something it's not.

Try and guess what car this is, (The engine pic might give it away). :mrgreen:


posted by  GreekWarrior

RSX or Integra? not sure but reall funny. if you guys think that america has lots of rice, then come down here to NZ, not all are ricers but my neighbor s, all he does is go out every nght and rev his engine a lot. i saw under the bonnet once and it had nothing on it, just a large tin can exhaust at the back. i told him to quit doing it cause all hes doing is waking everyone up in the street. that's my definition of rice

posted by  ahoo


posted by  TurboLag

this is my ricer

http://i428.photobucket.com/albums/qq1/tnsmith72/SSPX0051.jpg?t=1226069006< br />

soon to look like this maybe


posted by  tnsmith

Why are you reviving an old ass thread to show off your piece of shit integra?

posted by  Spanky2324

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