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Hi, is there anyone out there that can tell me within what years the Nissan SR20DET Red Top Engine was in production, and if possible provide a link showing this. I have searched the net for the last 3 days for this information and am coming up with nothing. :hi:

posted by  infx

google is very useful when used properly. Go here ( and scroll down to "Determining what year SR20DET you have" and look under "Chassis Year Engine Color" According to this site, the red top was 1991-1995.

posted by  importluva

actually, the S13 with the redtop engine started in 1989 and stayed in production all the way up till 1997. the S14, which came with the redefined Blacktop version with VTC, came in 1995 (the earlier version of the blacktop didnt have VTC).

Here's ( the link with the evidence that u requested.

posted by  Inygknok

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