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Hola, so far I have gotten header, intake and exhaust but before I go any further I am wondering if I should just put a turbo kit the Ka engine or swap it with someting else, and what engines will fit in my car. I have been to every import shop within 70 miles of where I live and this is the response I get, "You want to trick a altima out?? I dont know anything about nissans, if ya had a honda i could help you out." I'm getting tired of only seeing hondas lol, i mean yeah civics look cool but thats all i see is hondas! please help me.

posted by  Nemisis

Wow didnt notice i spelled my freaking name wrong.

posted by  Nemesis

ur lucky, ive been researching nissan info for the past week for a friend of mine. hes getting a 240sx though. my suggestions to you are as following....

1) yea you can turbo the KA, but alot of aftermarket mods will be needed, including more aggressive cams.

2) you can go with the sr20det engine swap, wether its the s13 redtop (pentroof head design) or with the s14 vtc (it has more power due to its T28 turbo VS the S13 T25).

3) RB20DET engine, or if you have some more money available, RB25 or even RB26.

4) VQ30DETT engine

5) even an LT1

im not exactly sure if the maxima is as universal as the 240sx, but im VERY sure that it can hold the same engines as the 240sx.

posted by  Inygknok

What car does the s14vtc come out of?

posted by  Nemesis

from the S14 :P

posted by  Inygknok

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