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What up guys.

I was thinking about installing some intake, header, V-Force fuel/oxy moduel, and laying all new pipes (catalac, catback) with an exhuast in my 95 Accord. I dont race, but I would love to get some more HP under the hood. You guys have any suggestions on which brands to go with for any of these items?

Also, I want to remain street legal. I still ned to be able to pass smog and shit like that. How are th header when it comes to this sort of issue? Do they sale headers with a oxygen sensor valve? I know the car I almost bought didnt have an O2 sensor on the headers and, of course, it didnt pass smog.

ANy information would be greatly appreciated. THANKS.....

posted by  MrNasty

u might just wanna check different sites and check for the CARB approved items....

how bout GReddy, HKS, APEX'i, turbosmart, tanabe, blitz, skunk2, Buddyclub.... just to name a few.

posted by  Inygknok

In my oppinion i would go with the specialists for honda tuning needs which is Skunk2 they really have all the parts and accesories you would need just in my oppnion :laughing:

posted by  87TurboII

Right on guys, I appreciate the advice. I'll look into skunk2 right now. I assume they can be found at www.skunk2.com. if not i'll do a googles.

I got another question. What do you guys think about carbon fiber hoods and body kits? My car is going to get a paint job whether I purchase these items or not, but I thought they would help in the upgrads and imporvments department.

posted by  MrNasty

depends, are u going to rice ur ride out? or r u going to really make it have some "get up and go" in it? cuz if its not gonna have its engine performance upgraded..... then u really will start getting flamed with being a riceboy...

posted by  Inygknok

lol, Im not really into the whole rice scene nor do I want to race. I do however want to upgrade my engine. What blows is I bought the car with a stock 16 valve 4cyl. It's not even fast. 130hp max. I can get it up to about 130mph and run a 1/4 in over 15 seconds. lol, haha. So the engine is my main concern and current project at the moment.

First things first.....right?

Later though, I was thinking about a carbon hood - at the least. It's not like you would even be able to tell after I paint it and the car. By the way, how much lighter are these hoods verses my stock hood? The body kit is still in the air. I just like thwy way they look on some cars. I wouldnt be going to extreme, but something mild and tastful.

All in all, I was hoping to up the HP by at least 20hp or 30hp. I figure with the items I initially listed (intake, header, V-Force fuel/oxy moduel, exhuast) I could do at least that. Its a start? Wouldnt you say?

posted by  MrNasty

that A/F module thing might give u more power actually...... why not buy some spark plug wires too? those might throw in a few extra ponies..... but so far, well, its ur car..... its simple mods so i guess its ok, just dont spend too much on them (best bang for your buck thing).

posted by  Inygknok

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