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I would really love all your help and expert advice. I know this is real basic stuff and this site is for serious car people, but I'm pretty helpless, and need some direction....

My boyfriend's birthday is coming up in two weeks, and he is obsessed with fixing up this Civic he bought. I wanted to surprise him by helping him out with some of the "necessary" purchases, but have no idea what's what.... My preliminary questions are (and please don't laugh at me):

1. What does "JDM" stand for and mean?
2. He was looking for Recaro racing seats on my computer. Are they easy to find/buy? Are there different types? Is there any one type of Recaro race seats that would fit in any Civic (since I don't know what year his Civic is)?
3. Are there any other items you would purchase if you were hooking up a Civic? I know he's already put in some gauges and mirrors. What else is there?

Thanks alot! Any input (positive) would be appreciated.

posted by  prettykey

Ok pretty keyes here goes! :smoke:

1. JDM stands for (Japanese Domestic Market) Its a honda japanese model which is uglier than cancer

2. Recardo seats should suit and fit your civic i find them really easy to find.

3. ermmm it depends if i had a turbo a timer and bar gauge etc.. need more specific infomation to answer that question sorrry.

hopefully that should help ya :thumbs:

posted by  Lukaz

if his got a JDM Civic then i suggest you give this site a run through.

Link (http://www.jdmcivic.com)

now there is no need to go any where else to find help on buildin' that civic!

if not then as you already know, JDM is the japanese market of the cars. domestic market sorry lol. the cars may look ugly but a heck load of parts are available!

Recaro seats don't come in different forms. you have ranges and sorts as each seat is built for a different purpose. the ranges cover from sports seats, motorsport seats, rally seats, bucket seats, pro driving seats and race shells. plenty of choice as you can see. i am sure that you can get seats for any model of the 2-door civic's but you might have problems findin' some if it's a 4-door which i belive isn't lol still there are some available for the 4-door civic but you don' have much choice.

as for your thrid question, jus' visit the link above and every thing you need will be there from help buildin' the civic, help chosin' the parts and plenty more. :thumbs:

Luke, try the link too since you got a civic cambridgeshir boy :thumbs:

posted by  WeaponR

this is off subject, but i think this should go under "import forums" any mods out there can do that? i think she would get more help there.

posted by  Ki2AY

the best gift u can give him is to tell him to sell the car and get something better :D

posted by  Inygknok

weaponR your av is tooooo sicK!

posted by  jzxTT

How about a gift cert. at his favorite car shop?

posted by  BavarianWheels

Not that it's any help, but he sure is a lucky guy.

posted by  DodgeRida67

yeh, he is lucky... also, what bav said.. gettin a gift certificate/card wouldnt be a bad idea... what do u think about that?

posted by  Ki2AY

im glad you like it. thing is i'll tell ya a secret...that ain't a type R lol but it's one hell of a Honda! :thumbs:

(p.s - plz dnt b childish n copy it ppl...get ur own lol) small print Cliffy :hi: lol

posted by  WeaponR

Cant see The car from here but looks cool. Ways to tell if a civic is a type R
Red honda emblem and type R decal on wheel base trim. if your completly sad you can probably find both from e-bay :screwy:

posted by  Lukaz

you shouldn't be givin' ideas like that Luke, tut tut :laughing:

posted by  WeaponR

ANYBODY CAN JUST REPLACE THE EMBLEM FOR A RED ONE ISNT THAT CORRECT? is there another way of knowing if its a type R just by lookin at it widout poppin the hood up?

posted by  Ki2AY

ive already said that its just in genral people anit sad enough to do it. Yea there is :mrgreen:

New civic type R's have twin exhuasts!
Diffrent body kit from other civics
lower profile
type R racing seats
The speedo

If you got all that in a none type R you rice munger!

oh yea me and weapon R have come up with a way the slips! :hi: :smoke:

posted by  Lukaz

rolf. my sympathies exactly :orglaugh:

Seriously tho, just give him some money so he can decide how he wants to mod his civic.

posted by  importluva

You guys are NO FUN. No wonder why your ladies are mad at you :laughing: . She wants to help him out and do it for herself so shes happy that she helped him.

What in the hell are YOU talking about. JDM is a model? I dont know who told you that or where you got that from but you'd best quit before you confuse the poor girl

1.) JDM(Japanese Domestic Market)Wich is simply anything sold locally in Japan.

Why the hell would you even mention anything about a turbo timer? I highly doubt her boyfriends Civic has a turbo or yours, and what the hell is a "recardo" seat?

Yes indeedy he is a lucky guy, and I know you're trying to do good for your boyfriend but this stuff is expensive. I'm talking at minimum $125, and why the hell does he have gauges for? He aint got anything to gauge its a civic! Hehe Just kidding

2.)Contrary to what WeaponR thinks. Racing, Rally, Bucket etc are in fact different forms of seats. I'll spare you all the bullcrap and tell you that he probably wants sport/racing reclining seats. They are just like the seats he has now but for racing purposes and they also have openings to allow a racing harness to fit. Not to mention they look pretty cool. They are easy to find and buy, but they are fairly expensive. Usually on average $300-600 a piece. There are also other companys who make racing seats you may be familiar with: Sparco,Bride,Tenzo,Momo,Type-R,MatriX,APC. All of these will undoubtely fit inside a Civic, everything usually does. Buy most of these seats require brackets. If you really wanna help you should find out what year his civic is and take a trip over to here (www.andysautosport.com)

3.) If I had a civic I would probably first put a CAI(Cold Air Intake) or a better exhaust setup.

You would probably be best getting a gift certificate from an auto supply store(if they even have those) or discussing this with him in a secret manner. Such as pretending that you are actually interested in his car(as all girls do) then secretly buy him what he wants. You're a girl you know how to decieve your boyfriend it can't be that hard..

posted by  DSMer

You need to chill out!

posted by  Lukaz

No you need to get your facts straight... This has nothing to do with me being a hot head..

Well if you don't know anything its best you keep quiet. Especially on something as simple as that.. I have no more need to keep on with you mindless banter. You were wrong, no big deal, accept it. I can be wrong just as you were. Just be more careful in the future especially with somone that does'nt know alot about cars.

posted by  DSMer

Well first of all my bad i got that JDM stuff from a web site. nobody here knows everything... i was just trying to help

2nd the turbo timer stuff i wasnt specifically implying for her to get one and when did i say i had a turbo in my civic ... nah!

posted by  Lukaz

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