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Hey, i drive an '88 Honda Accord LXi with the PGM-FI A20A. Since i cant find a turbo kit for it and ive been lookin forever :banghead: I was wondering if i could swap either a B18C1 or an H22a engine in it :screwy: please respond quickly, cuz i'd like this to be done A.S.A.P. Also, would the tranny accept either of these engines?? :confused:

posted by  allroundcarguy2

man, you must love that accord, id say sell that asap and if you like accords get a 93 ex,*again with the swaps*. just buy something that doesnt need a swap like an integra(b18c[a]) or even a del sol Si (that already has a B16). do yourself a favor and get rid of the LXi. Im not sure that a B18c would work in an accord and if u did manage to get it in it would eat that tranny.

posted by  jzxTT

yes, i love my accord. but the reason i wanna do this is cuz the motor won't pull past 5000 rpm, and my mom's civic (VTEC 1.7L) will leave it in the dust. also, i wanna keep this car, cuz it has some rust on the fenders, and it looks well, aged, the perfect sleeper car... :drool:

posted by  allroundcarguy2

When swapping motors its not the question of will it work, more of "Will it fit?". You can practically put any engine into any car(so long as it fits). If you have the proper tools, the right money, and alot of patience sure you can swap a B18C into an `88 Accord.

You will need new axles, engine mounts, and wiring harness, as well u will need to convert your car to OBD0 or OBD1 I believe. Most of the parts neeeded can be aquired from Placeracing.

The H22A swap is probably not feasible for the average Honda guy. The motor alone is very expensive and everything must be custom made to fit in your car. I suggest you stick to a B18c. This should help yah good luck. :thumbs:

posted by  DSMer

Also, is it possible to swap a K20 into my accord? i was j/w, since i hear a lot of ppl talkin bout those new Kseries motors

posted by  allroundcarguy2

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