When applying the brakes the steering wheel shimmy's?

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go to a qualified machanic like your local dealer

posted by  Froudey

I own a 2001 Acura 3.2 TL, put simply the brakes suck. Around 27K the brakes began to shimmy, obviously I thought the rotors must be warped. Replaced the pads and cut the rotors and the problem was solved. Now at 60K, the rotors seem to be warped again, but even worse now. The steering wheel shimmy's drastically when braking.

Not sure what to do. I am thinking of replacing the rotors with high performance cross-drilled rotors and high performance brake pads. Is it necessary to replace the entire front brake system with a new brake kit (new rotors, new pads, new calipars, new lines, etc.)? What high performance rotors and pads do you suggest?

Please help!

posted by  jaydee04

Does it only shake when you brake? If not check your tire pressure. Mine does the same thing but not as much when I hit the brakes harder.

High performce = Brembo, very expensive though, also unless your traveling at pretty high speeds the stock Acura parts are exactly what you need.


posted by  optimis

By your numbers you're getting in the 30K range before you have a warpage problem, about normal for that car, not good but normal. Also if you don't have the rotors turned by a reputable tech you may end up with them warping faster.

Reason one for this is if they are machined below allowable thickness they will be more likely to warp. Less material means less ability to absorb and dissipate heat which equals potential warpage.

Reason two, Acura has TSB's that are very specific about how thay are to be turned. They recommend on car only.

Reason three, too many people just beat on lug nuts with an impact wrench or gorilla them with a lug wrench thinking tighter is better. Not so. Over torqued or unevenly torqued lugs can and will cause warped rotors.

As far as aftermarket parts go there are lots of good parts available but unless you are driving really hard there are probably better ways to spend your money.

Hope this helps.

posted by  vwhobo

is there upgradeable rotors you can get???

posted by  starfish

I've heard people talk about taking the whole rear brake assembly off of an Accord Wagon, or find front brakes that are just bigger from a newer car. I would buy a pair of non drilled, or ventilated, Brembo brakes and install them, or peice together a junkyard kit...

What kind of car do you have??

for a 4th gen accord, 90-93, what i have, you can do this swap. there is probably a way to get it to fit on another car.

this might help...


posted by  optimis

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