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Yeah Im about to buy one I believe (if the price is right) in August and have it shipped here from Japan. I just wanted to know how you guys feel about there performance vs the domestic cars and if you know where I can find those sick ass rims from 2fast 2furious for this car.

posted by  DeadAim25

i dont think anyone will even bother mentioning how they feel about a skyline's performance.... why? because its a skyline. nobody should even bother giving it a second thought. the name itself is a legend among the Supra, RX-7, NSX, Ferrari F50, Ford GT40, McLaren F1, so on so on.

as for buying stuff just cuz it appears in 2f2f.... i honestly HOPE u aint buying the car just cuz it can jump bridges and land without a single scratch in a movie.

posted by  Inygknok

I must agree fully on this. If you have to ask how people feel about the performance of the skyline i dont think you should have the privelege of owning one. But i suppose if you have the money to spend to ship it here then have fun and stay safe and please dont modify it to 2f2f specs and be original with it.

posted by  littlledevil696

My god you two, he asked about Japanese VS Domestic :banghead: . I don't believe Skyline is a "there". Thats too broad of a question and I believe that it has been covered in other threads.

If you don't mind telling me the process you went through to get this Skyline, what year and model is it? Where did you buy it from? How much are you paying for it?

As far as the "rims"(you should say wheels to avoid flaming) from the Skyline in the movie 2Fast 2Furious. They appear to be deepdish 5 or 6 spokes. You can find those anywhere on the market, just google a search for deepdish wheels. They are pricey, but if you're importing a Skyline price must not be an option.

First off its his car let him do what the hell he wants with it, and what do you mean be original with it? How many times have you seen an all pink S2000 with a 30k paintjob and pink fur seats? The cars in that movie are very original they are just slower than they appear in the movie. I have no idea why people bash on the cars. Its not the car its the way they present them that should be bashed on.

On a further note, if somone opened a bridge on me in my GT-R ; I would have powerslid into him and beat his ass while his body lay mangled under my pricey wheel and tire combo.

posted by  DSMer

By no means am i bashing the cars in 2f2f and what i meant by be original with it was not to copy the 2f2f car because thats been done already, all i meant was add your own spice to the car. I fully understand what you are saying and the way they portray street racing is a load of crap and to be honest with i love that movie because the cars ARE unique and its entertaining to watch.

posted by  littlledevil696

Could'nt agree more, I thought you were bashing the cars. Actually 2Fast 2Furious had the best cars, but the movie sucked ass. The stunts where the Evo7 spins arround and proceeds to drive backwards on a highway... The fact that the first race was not a straight shot but something more of Autocross. I've never see anyone race the streets doing turns...

The Fast and The Furious was more accuratly portrayed with race scenes and general content. But they put too much emphasis on Nitrous. I especially like the scene where they are working on the 2JZ and it shows a whole entourage of parts from headers to turbos. :drool:

posted by  DSMer

I loved the last race in the fast and the furious between the 2jz and the yenko and i like how they kinda carried that over into 2f2f with the race for the muscle cars. i would really like to shake the hands of the stunt drivers that shot the movie and the people behind the cars. I was ready to cry when i saw the bridge and just thinking oh my god they're gonna kill those cars. But yes in the first one, i must agree that there was WAY to much emphasis on nos and after that EVERYONE thought the solution to all lack of speed cars was "hey lets add nos" and that every kid now believes that adding green underglow kits to a car automaticly makes it fast and that the eclipse is the solution to all solutions completely overlooking the rx-7 and the supra. It would have been nice to see some drift racing though........

posted by  littlledevil696

You should probably start another thread for this topic, it seems interesting

posted by  DSMer

Okay guys I wanna get some stuff straight before I continue so as not to piss in anyones cheerios or confuse anyone.

-I have not bought the car yet, I am still looking through a few people over in Japan for one, and I won't have all my money until mid August.
-As far as my question import vs domestic my father just bought a 2k4 vette and I know that GTR is gonna run circles around it but is there any domestic car that can give it a run for its money?
-2f2f stuff got out of hand, I simply like the wheels they were running and wondered where I could find a set similar and if any particular brand was better than another. I have no intentions in painting my car like the 2f2f cars or modifying it the same. Im debating on black or red but I am still unsure, it really doesn't matter what color it is considering I will have the only one within 20-30miles.

posted by  DeadAim25

-I have not bought the car yet, I am still looking through a few people over in Japan for one, and I won't have all my money until mid August.

Are you going through motorex? If so, that's a hell of a lot of money to import those babies, regardless of which one. Now my next question, which one are you importing?

-As far as my question import vs domestic my father just bought a 2k4 vette and I know that GTR is gonna run circles around it but is there any domestic car that can give it a run for its money?

Depends on which GTR, but even then, GTRs are so rare here that the best way to know for sure is to do it yourself. Don't be overconfident. The vette can give even the R34 a run for its money with a few mods, judging by the money you spent to import the GTR through motorex.

-2f2f stuff got out of hand, I simply like the wheels they were running and wondered where I could find a set similar and if any particular brand was better than another. I have no intentions in painting my car like the 2f2f cars or modifying it the same. Im debating on black or red but I am still unsure, it really doesn't matter what color it is considering I will have the only one within 20-30miles

Good luck with that.

posted by  importluva

true, domestic cars are not to be taken that lightly, specially the "legendary" ones such as the corvettes. its a well known fact that the top of the shelf trans ams, corvettes, and camaros can all seriously pound some power to the ground, and they take very few (and may i say it again, very few) mods to make even more power. i love asian imports more than anything (maybe more than my g/fs), but i still admit that domestics can sure as hell give them a very nice competition.

anyhow, about the 2f2f thing, i wasnt bashing the cars or anything, its just that its a known fact that many people who watch the movie think that ricing the ride out a la "Pimp My Ride" (which i nicked Rice My Ride) is gonna make them so freaking fast that they can just blow by Ferraris like there is no tomorrow.

even the RX-7 and NSX and Evos will have trouble competeing in tight circuits against the european supercars. even supras and skylines will have problems after 160mph vs those super cars. and nitrious and street racing are only the solution to all ur problems if u wanna commit suicide :D

posted by  Inygknok

Wait, from what you say, you said you do not have all the money yet. You have any idea how much this is going to cost you? 20-45K depending on which model you want, around 2-10k to ship it in and around 16-25k to make it street legal in the United States. You must be extraordinairly rich. And you must not forget the insurance cost, not going to be cheap man. I would just get the MR when it gets released here. 300hp, put some mods into it and you get something that comes near a skyline. And the insurance is cheaper as well, and you do not have to worry on the fact that ALOT of people want to steal your car. Well, you still have to worry about that if you own a MR, but less.

posted by  aerith

Money isn't that big of an issue. I myself am putting some money down and so is my father. Income during school will be enough to pay the payments on it only and as far as insurance cost I know its gonna be hell but my dad is working something out to help me. As far as how much its gonna cost, your numbers are fairly accurate except for the legalizing part Im gonna have takin care of for a much cheaper price than what you are talking about.

The new MRs are pretty sweet but Im not a big fan of there looks. Im not to worried about them stealing it for one Ill have full coverage on that shit and #2 the maker of Excaliber Alarm Systems happens to be one of my good friends (more so my dads but ya know I got da hook up on that :wink2: )

posted by  DeadAim25

Well, the prices i listed for the legalizing is what i got from the Motorex. And that is the only company that can legally modify skylines to US spec. At least to my knowledge, but i may be wrong. I assume you are getting a R34 GTR VSpec II, or a R34 GTR Nur, because money doesnt seem to be a problem for you. And those are the two most expensive models of the R34 produced by Nissan. Which excludes what Tommy Kaira released. I am not sure if you get you hands on a Nur version, those are extremely rare. And to the stealing thing, you know even the most current of anti-theft technology cant keep up to the state of the art theft technology. Since Anti-theft technology is degisned to counter methods used currently, but do not protect from future methods. But you cant avoid this, just get it heavily insured, and do not make it too flashy. Even owning a Skyline is flashy enough.

And do not challenge any muscle cars on drag strip. Don't want to ruin the import name now do we. Like many said, "There is no replacement for displacement." If some macho guy challenges you in a muscle car, take it to the tracks or at least a course with turns. With the ATTESA systems you cant fail :thumbs: Makes every amateur look like a pro :hi:

Wow, you are pretty young to be owning a skyline huh? First car?

posted by  aerith

Na, its my 2nd car. I had a camaro before hand and I just bought a 94 z71 to get me from A to B until I get my Skyline.

Money isn't a big issue due to my job(s). I work for my dads company doing metal fabrication and I also build computers on the side. Now I am getting into import part sales and speaker system sales where I live. When our site comes up I shall post it here for all of you to come visit, I assure you are prices will be some of the most competitive on the net comparable to ebay.

posted by  DeadAim25

ill be your friend if u give me good deals :D

posted by  Inygknok

LoL, thats cool dude. Trust me when the site gets up I will fo sho link you guys up with it and give you the low down on all our stuff. Its all high quality of course that we run in our own cars. But anyhow my buds setting up format for me and Ill be coding the site for the next two weeks but previews of it should be up here within a week but ill keep you guys updated.

posted by  DeadAim25

whats involved in compliance for imports over there in the states?

also can i ask what type of skyline your buying?

have fun driving your nissan though either way, I still want to grab one myself. But I'll be jumping in a r32 for sure!!

you want to know about good wheels? just dont buy chinese!!! which can be harder than you think as there are so many chinese companys out there selling good looking wheels. only problem is they weigh a ton and the chrome is cheap! your american market is the luckyest for choice of decent wheels!

posted by  Unlicensed

First of all skylines are beasts. Espically the R33 and R34 GTR (RB26DETT) :drool:. you cant compare either of them to a average domestic car. thats like comparing feast with scraps from a dustbin.

Im not sure what rims they are but some research could tell you. If i was going to buy rims itialian ! O.Z racing or Momo :thumbs: If your really loaded Nismo alloys! :drool: . Anyway this is really up to you so have fun :mrgreen:

posted by  Lukaz

u forgot to mention the r32 (which is the lightest of the 3 and the very first one to have a GT-R next to its name due to the implementation of the ATTESA-ETS back in '89 :D

posted by  Inygknok

best line I heard all day... :D

but yeah... skyline = bad ass car... not to mention it has one of the best awd systems off all time... awd at launch... and it switches to rwd once you are moving (minimizing drivetrain lost)... how sweet is that... talk about having the best of both worlds... :thumbs:

posted by  SunDown13X VR4

oh here is a little vid I found.... :D its the R32 that Inygknok mention...
you know the deal... right click... save as

posted by  SunDown13X VR4

somebody had TOO much free time yesterday :laughing:

posted by  Inygknok

sundowns GTO could take a almighty JDM r-34 gt-r. But ya their allright, the bnr32 (33)

posted by  jzxTT

oh krap, i just finished watching the video.

i cant take the damn gear grinding!!! it makes my body cringe almost as bad as my Pepsi withdrawal.

posted by  Inygknok

:D I would love to run against one and see how I would do... I know stock vs stock the gto has come out on top... by like 0.25 secs... which is pretty damn close... a well modded one... well they take mods a lot better than gtos... so I would think he will def win... specially since all hold the records for the fastest quaters in jap. But I'm sure i'll be able to give the owner a run for his money! :D

but right now i have my eyes set on a R32 that I seen at ATCO speedway, here in NJ... I belive he is running high 11s... Just need to catch him next time I'm down there... :hi:

lol I had to turn off the vid at that point... cuz thats just not right... :banghead:

posted by  SunDown13X VR4

Actually, if I am not mistaken, the tranny may be, surprisingly enough, SUPPOSED to sound like that. The first time I saw that thing I was cringing as well, but then after looking around, chances are it could actually be a "dog box" tranny. Can read more about them HERE ( Seem to be set up for racing and whatnot. I think that article focuses mostly on Mitsubishi, but supposedly they exist for other makes too.

By the way, anyone know of a mirror for that skyline video? I cannot seem to even ping that website anymore =/

posted by  Aktunka

Screw that, theres no mod or upgrade worht hearing that noise. hmm are there any decent 10-15 year old skylines that still have the R32-like body? You could import one of those with a pass go card.

posted by  DSMer

I went to the site you got the download from, most movies talk in arab they are all arab. Other sites they are all japanese are there any english movies?

Oh back to the topic, so your getting a new Skyline imported. I bet alot of people would be jealous. You must be rich what jobs do u have? Final words If you can afford it and really want the skyline then get it but don't do anything stupid.

One more thing i dont like skyline rear lights (circular). does anyone else agree or is it just me?

posted by  chichi

No you're pretty ass naked in the cold on that subject. I think the tailights of the Skyline give it that good look. Along with the blocky body lines, if you notice alot of imports cars are blocky.. STi, Lancer, Honda etc... They circle headlights just offset the body..

posted by  DSMer

ok on that video waht is that grinding noise is that like a super driving newb. is he trying to kill it!

posted by  Kris

undefinedLook Skylines are under rated i am reading through this forum and seeing that people argue over this car. I live in japan i own two Gtst R32 R33 GTR. Trust me they are good car i mean the RB20 inline V6 rocks along with the 25 and 26 but there are cars that are better...

posted by  Docwoody

Damn you own a inline v6 Skyline? Thats shit has gotta be so rare. I surley wish I had one of those :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

N we expect the elders of this forum to us younger guys serious? Not with shit like that....

posted by  DSMer

dsmer dont know what hes talking about put any rims on yuor car that you want

posted by  351ci-mustang

Ok, as from everything you have posted. I have allready concluded that either:
A) You have a mental retardation, and if thats the case I am sorry for making fun of you.
B) You are some sort of know-it-all adolescent posing that he owns 67 mustang on the internet.
C) You are an adult, but one of mediocre to partial knowledge of both cars and proper grammar.

DSMer does not know what he is talking about. You can put any rim on your car that you would like.

Ok, thats just simple grammar corrections. Now onto a simple automotive correction. They are not "rims" they are wheels. The rim would only costitute one part of the entire wheel setup. Yes he may put any wheel on the car that he likes, but we were not even talking about wheels. Please, spare yourself the embarrasment and just stop now. It hurts me to see someone as stupid as you are. Jesus please help this person, because he really really really needs it.

posted by  DSMer

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