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I was looking around the net for a new front kit for my 02 accord and came across and saw a evo3 kit for my car. i clicked on it to see the usual evo kit with the 2 big fog lights and saw that it wasnt the same and looked more like a r33 skyling kit with some diff features here and there. I was like what the heck i know that aint no evo kit cuz i didnt even know they made evo kits for my car until then. I really like the way that kit looks on and i just wanted to know if that kit was for real cuz i dont like the 2 big fog lights i really need to know if anyone knows if thats for real cuz i dont wanna order it and have it coming out to look like the same evo kits everyone got.

posted by  jin

There is no Evo3 kit for an Accord, only the front bumper. What you saw on bodykits was'nt an actual kit just the front bumper. Also I have no Idea why you are looking at an Evo3 kit if you don't like the big two front lights. I don't know anything about the site you also listed and I would have to insist you got to a more trusted company like AAS ( or Wings West (

This is what an Evo3 kit looks like

If you notice on it say. "Picture above may not be actual product" Its just a representation to show you what it may look like. Then again they are only human and can also make errors. I hope this helps ;you did'nt make yourself as clear as you could have as to what you wanted.. Good Luck :thumbs:

posted by  DSMer

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