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Hi there, i have an 89 acura integra, and um, i guess there are no ALTEZZA tail lights or APC that will fit my car? i've looked everywhere.....unless you ppl know where i can find some for an 89 acura integra, but if not, how about some lookalikes then? anything!! that will make my car tail lights look more cooler, versus their ugly factory setting tail lights, ugh! any suggestions?!? please reply, thanks!

posted by  Spazzychick104

dont get altezzas, to many people have them, and theyer starting to look dumb

posted by  mazda6man

tru dat

posted by  bLen

you should go for a totaly custome job and get a silvia headlight conversion for your front headlights and maybe a silvia s14 rear taillight conversion.

posted by  Arthur

got ne pics of these?

posted by  bLen

if ur gunna get anything, get clears or something... not altezzas

posted by  mazda6man

Dont get altezzas. I cannot stress this enough. REAL ENTHUSIAST LAUGH AT CARS WITH ALTEZZAS. They look silly and are just as idiotic and generic as those stupid LED washer lights and neon lights. Unless your just happy being a ricer. In which case be my guess and you can be refered to as such.

posted by  Boostjunky

I've seen old people with Altezza's as well.. it's a trend.. and don't follow it.

posted by  Paranoia

How the hell did someone manage to revive this thread?

posted by  fudge

I don't know (sigh), c'mon people, the thread is 2 years old, theres a reaon it was a few pages back in the forum.

posted by  Accord_Man

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