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hi. sorry to bother everyone i just had a little question to ask
i don't know a whole lot bout cars
i just know i really like supras, and i like is300s

i currently drive an 01' eclipse gt which i got for 9 grand, at 32k, 5-speed
which was a good deal imo, and that's the reason i got it
personally i must say that it seems to come down with a lotta issues n' stuff and that's one of the reasons im considering selling it to get something else

but anyhow, i really wanted a supra before, cause i like i-6s, i've driven a lotta 3-series and i've tried my friends is300 and other cards with inline 6s and they're just really fun n' nice to drive n' stuff and the supra is supposed to be one of the best i6s around right? er so i was told
but anyhow, i wanted to get a supra, but it's a 2 door and it has a REALLY small back seat, smaller than my eclipse which is just insane

but yea, i just wanted to know how the is300 compared to the supra
in terms of handling n' stuff
from stuff i've read the supra is bout the same weight as the is300
im comparing na to na and both w/ a 5-speed
som im guessin the is300 w/ a gte and getrag 6-speed would be around the same weight?
so which would handle betta? n' stuff, er would it be close?
im just curious, cause i kno i wana get one of the 2
cause i love toyota/lexuses, n' i wanna have a car that i can mod on the side n' stuff u kno?

and if the is300 has the potential to be just as good, i'd rather have that cause then i could fit friends in the back

style isn't much of an issue cause i actually like both
though.. i think im leaning more towards the altezza look
but anyhow
yea, i just wanted to kno how they'd compare if they were both running the 2jz-gtes with 6-speeds
and i kno it's supposed to be really hard, but apparently they've been able to fit the gt2 without cutting stuff out, which ppl said you had to before
haha yea, sorry i dont' kno a lot :-[
but im workin on it
well thanks anyhow, please leave lots of info if u can
preciate ur time

posted by  rbx-gt2

oo sorrie, i just read another post n' the guy was like ur not gonna get help since u didn't introduce urself
so ima do tha jus cause :)

im a chinese american student going to uw this year, just graduated and i've been driving for like a year now. i really dn't race
specially cause a friend well, a person i kno rather totalled his new rsx type-s racing and well that kinda make me think
+ a friend totalled his integra being stupid, so yea
but im a good driver, im not great with the 5-speed, but im still workin on it
i seem to wheel spin a lot, but i know how not to, but.. i nono, i always thought i should drop the clutch as fast as possible, but haha wateva, i'll figure things out soon enough, but yea... that's bout it :)
please do help though.. if.. well you want :)
thanks again

posted by  rbx-gt2 that should have info on the IS3 and the supra. You have a good taste in cars. id go with the supra. It has big balls stock, there isnt really much you need to do to it. The word is that IS300's lack power but lexus/toyota last a long time. I dunno, IS300's look really sweet, actually I'd go with the IS300, AAAAHHH but supra's are so pretty, but so is an altezza.... lol I can see why you'd have a hard time picking. :laughing: . Well id say the lexus is more of a Luxury car thats great in everything but lacs power. The supra has luxury and power, If the supra lacs anything id have to say handling, because its a big car. Depends on what you want. `shit~ final decision........................... Supra, only because its stronG stock. good luck deciding.

posted by  jzxTT

u were supposed to introduce urself in the introduction section but.... oh well....

anyhow, yea, the 2jz-gte can be swapped into the is300 engine bay, but quite a few mods need to be done. i have the magazine article of the first guy to do the swap somewhere, ill try to find it for ya if u want.

anyhow, between the 2, ur concern should be wether u want to be able to carry people around, or just have a shotgun passenger.

NA vs NA, yea i guess they r both quite even, and both will require the same amount of money and such.

both will weigh the same with turbos.... so i guess its all bout preference, and the IS will attract a bit less attention just in case that matters.

posted by  Inygknok

yea that'd be really nice, if you could :) thanks

curious though would they handle similarly? haha i don't even kno if htat's a word
like the supra is a 2+2 and although the back is PUNY u CAN fit 2 ppl there, so that's that the main question
well er yea :confused: :confused:

i jus wanna kno how a is300 with a 2jz-gte conversion would compare, there must be a reason the supra is the supra and the altezza didn't get the gte to begin with u kno? well mb not
but.. yea, im just basically curious how they'd compare in handling i guess.. since.. everything else is similar.... i nono :confused: sorry, i admit i don't know enough to ask this question
sorry, well thanks again

posted by  rbx-gt2

I agree. Actually i change my mind, the IS300 will last very long and can be modded fairly easy, its a sedan so you can fit more people. I was watching car and driver and the only thing wrong with the IS3 was the lac of power, it actually had the best handling *better than the 325i BMW* iono if that means anything to you though.

posted by  jzxTT

maybe wat i mean is which is the better performance vehicle with the 2jz-gte engine mated withthe 6-speed getrag er.. sorrie i nono wat it's called gear box
like it's prolly the supra
but by how much? could you make changes tot he is to make it just as good?
or will the supra's nice body lines always make it better etc
sorry, i'm clueless, that's why i thought i'd ask
hope no1s offended :confused:

thanks again

posted by  rbx-gt2

well, the 2jz-gte isnt produced anymore cuz, just like all of its brothers and sisters from its era, they couldnt pass emissions anymore..... this includes the rx-7, the r33 (i think), 300zx, 3000gt, so on so on..... its a shame really that they have to go down like that, but oh well. theres no point fighting the government about it :screwy:

as for the magazine with the article of the 2JZ-GTE powered IS300, its the 2003 December issue of Turbo & High-Tech Performance magazine, pages 36-38.

the car is owned by a guy named Brad Smith. according to wat the guy answered about the engine swap, nuthin bolts in.

this is wat he said (quoting straight from the magazine, his own words, hope bav doesnt mind):

Brad Smith:
"The swap was done completely by me, with help from Jeff Stevens of TBKO, who wired the ECUs together initially and handled wiring the AEM EMS. Also, another mis-conception is that the swap is easy. People think because the IS comes with a 2JZ-GTE, a Supra 2JZ-GTE will fit easily. It will not. Nothing bolts in or fits; [in my case,] the engine mounts are custom, the upper and lower oil pans are custom, the fan assembly, coolant lines, trans mounts, driveshaft, shifter are all custom. Let me reiterate: Nothing fits. This was the first Supra swap in an IS300 so there was no prior information to work off of."

- Page 38, Paragraph 2, Brad Smith

later on, he mentions his upgrades. hes got stock internals but has some HKS 264 cams, and an SP74 single turbo set up. and has an RPS carbon/carbon twin-disc clutch.

if i still had the webcam id take pics of it for u guys to see........

thats all though. as for numbers, before doing the engine swap, he modded the stock engine with a turbo kit and produced 324rwhp vs the stock 185rwhp. from stock 14.9 time slips at 91mph he went up to13.1 at 109mph.

his engine swap is supposed to produce a bit above 300lb/ft of torque before the 4,000rpm range.

not bad, must be in the high 12's, maybe mid 12's giving him some credit. would be nice if he bought some drag radials (go Nitto!)

posted by  Inygknok

so the gte swap is reallie hard eh?
well i've seen quite a few around now days, but maybe they're not true.. i duno..
but im guessing since he was the first it's gotta be a bit easier now that other ppl have tried it too
but it can be done so that's really cool

but anyhhow, im guess that everyone thinks the supra would own the altezza performance wise if they had the same engine n' 6-speed setup eh?
inono it's prolly true, but if anyone has info other wise could they please speculate i'd love to hear more
thanks again
nows to work :)

posted by  rbx-gt2

well, that brad fella had the is300 5 speed trans. but as far as both cars with the same krap on them, i dunno, cuz the IS would need even MORE mods done to it to carry the supras 6spd trans and transfer the power to the rear wheels, which would need modifications i bet. would just need to check how much it would weigh after that.

posted by  Inygknok

I would go with the IS3, since im getting one in ten months or so. The 2jz motor in the IS3 doesnt respont to mods very well, so that is why im guessing you want to put a Supra 2jz in. But what is the point of modding a IS3 to even do that kind of stuff? Its a luxury sedan. I'm not going to do anything to mine, I'm just going to leave it stock or get a spoiler and rims. Not a huge spoiler, a smaller one, and get some shocks. If you want to mod a car to perform extremely well, get the supra. But why would you want a beast to haul around friends? You cant get the best of both worlds out of Toyota. If you want something fast and carries people, get a STi or Evo. Its impossible to compare a IS3 to a Supra, not with your budget anyways.

:2cents: :2cents: :2cents:

posted by  aerith

with the way things r going down at mitsubishi, i think the Evo should be immediatly discarded. as for the STi, ive heard plenty of bad stories about hwo the dealership wont give u any warranty on the car if something serious breaks, like the transmission (im sure scooby owners are familiar with the long input shaft for 1st gear, n some other problems ive heard of).

it happened to an ex-co-worker of mine with his wrx, but luckily he earned enough money to handle things on his own.

u can have the best of 2 worlds with Toyota, just that sometimes u will need to work on the issue a bit, sometimes more than a bit.

or he could wait for the is430 to come out. but i dont know the release date on that....

posted by  Inygknok

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