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I've noticed a lot of people want to do engine swaps, hey thats cool its your money. but when it comes down to it (in some cases) why would you want to spend an arm and a leg swappin and another leg with custom fabrication when you can spend less on a newer car with the engine you want in it already? Im not saying swaps are bad but in some cases you can save a lot of money and end up with a newer better looking car with the engine you want already installed. Here are some examples: If I have a 1993 civic hatchback Si with 190k miles on it the best thing to do would be swap if you want to save money. dont go out and buy a new car. A B16 swap into a 93 hatch would cost like 1,500 (for engine and tranny,ecu,wiring harness ect.) another 500 for the install if you dont want to do it, you now have a practically newer car all for 2,000 dollars. Another example, you have a 1998 civic coupe with 40k miles on it, and you want to swap a H22 into it. If your motor isnt bad then dont bother swappin it, why would you throw away a good engine (good luck sellin it :thumbs: ) I mean you will do what you want to do but dont throw away a good engine. save your money and when your engine is no longer good then if you still wanna swap then do it. Your just throwing away your money if your gonna buy a new car and swap, the smart thing to do would be (if you intentions are to swap) would be to buy a high milage civic (any car you would want. And of course in good condition as far as interior exterior ect.) for ~1,500 and swap for another 1,500 and labor and all that shit brings that total to ~$4000. and there u have it, u got what you wanted, a b16 coupe or watever u want. dont go spend 10,000 on a newer low milage car and then swap. Its a waste of money. do you agree?

posted by  jzxTT

i agree, and ill actually add another thing that jzx missed. im sure we all know that in some states (i dont know how it goes in europe or other places, so i wont include them until someone states this) there is the problem about making the car legal. usually, its not always just the emissions that need to be passed, but also getting the certificates and all to get the whole car approved before it even has to start passing the other tests.

im sure some of u have gone through this, and can tell the rest of us here wat a horrible hassle it may be, specially in places like good old california.

first things first, in order to swap an engine into a car, in order for it to be legal, the engine has to be newer than the chassis, and the newer the car is, the harder this will be, specially if, for example, u have a 98 civic and plan on using an h22. i dont remember the last year the prelude came out on, but im quite sure it was in 99 i think (correct me if im wrong), so that would only leave u with 2 years to work with (making things even harder to track down and probably more expensive).

also, wat if the officials checking the car ask u "why the hell did u swap out a good conditioned engine?", n i think they can even deny u the certificate just cuz u swapped out a good conditioned engine. atleast with an old beat up engine u have the excuse of "it was either an expensive rebuild or this".

catch my drift?

posted by  Inygknok

((Im pretty sure 2001 was the latest year prelude)) No JDM engine will pass smog legally. 1/2 the time its not worth the hassle to swap. But the other half of people that know what they're doing.... Hell yes its worth it.

posted by  jzxTT

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