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Is the Skyline RWD or 4WD; V6 or straight six?

posted by  snoopewite

Thanks fury604. I appreciate the information.

posted by  snoopewite

it awd, here is the engine stats of r34 gtr v-spec
Type RB26DETT - Inline-6; Twin-Turbo Charged
Valvetrain dohc 4-valve/cyl
Displacement [cc] 2568
Bore & Stroke [mm] 86.0 x 73.7
Compression Ratio 8.5:1
Redline [rpm] 8000

Max. Power [Bhp at rpm] 280 at 6800 (official) 327 at 6800 (real)
Max. Torque [lb-ft (Nm) at rpm] 293 (400) at 4400
Bhp/Liter 109 127.3

posted by  fury604

by far the skyline r33 v-spec is the best car Japan in my opinion, but for me, the Subaru 22b STi is second best...

posted by  JeenYus

One of the most talked about cars in this Forum is the Nissan Skyline. Surely with all the Japanese import fanatics in here, someone can answer my two simple questions. Is it because the drive and configuration differs from one variation to the next, so there isn't a straight answer to my question?

posted by  snoopewite

Heres a list start talking
280zx turbo
300zx turbo "first gen"
300zx TT "second gen"
celica alltrac turbo
85 corolla gts "sprinter trueno"
80's 200sx ca20e? ca18et? and the vg30e
and other older celicas and corollas
datsun 510, 210 and other models

posted by  Arthur

What about Skylines and Sentra SE-R's????

Btw, you just about listed my "Kills" list for Nissans! :P

No, really...I really like Nissans and the SE-R is a great performance value. As far as Skylines, no explaination needed!!

posted by  2k3SVTCobra

Also, How Dare you not mention TT & Single Turbo Supras? THose Kick a$$!

posted by  2k3SVTCobra

the skylines must be imported through motorex... thus the reason they arent on my list

yeah sorry about not listening the sentra ser :) and i kind of think that the supra is to common

posted by  Arthur

The supra to common? Thats the king of jap cars!

posted by  suprarx7TT

what about 350z's? i love them...what do yall think

posted by  Conc3pt

I know most of you can't appreciate the Skyline, but I would have no other Japanese car really.

The Supra just dosn't do it for me sorry. :)

posted by  Godzilla

i want like a 71 skyline, oldschool baby!

posted by  Arthur

LOL a old school skyline would be raw...And I love supra's like crazy but the Skyline is the king of all Japanese cars, Supra comes second...The supra has even had the skyline engine swapped into it by plenty of people and companies because it has the best performance of Japanese cars...And da Sprinter Trueno, one of my favorite classic cars, one of da dominating kings of the Drift racing world, and no not just it "Initial-D" but in real life as well...

posted by  JDM-Racer

stupid question... even though they are NEARLY the same, what would you rather have... 180 sx or 240 sx
id rather have the 180 just cuz its japanese

posted by  mazda6man

Japanese 180sx which are powered by ca18det (1.8ltr turbo) or Sr20det (2.0ltr turbo)
On average u see about 50 180sx cruising around on Saturdays. Nice cars

Plus the Australian 200sx s14/s15 / Japan s14/s15 powered by Sr20det.
Few of them getting around. Not too many tho. I own a s15, so you know what I think of them.

Skyline R32 R33. Very common. The GTSt models don't go that well until you replace the turbo. GTR models are much better.

Seen a few r34 GTT getting around. but not that many yet.

Only ever seen 1 viper and 2 corvettes :D
But I seen about 10 or so skylines everyday on my way to work. Which is about a 7 min drive.

posted by  57ock

first of all supra dunt even come second, first is da skyline gt-r (of course)den comes da lancer evolution (i mean c'mon, WRC, i mean it has held dat titl for 3-4 years runnin, it deserves respect) den comes da supra (it has alot of potential, rumors of it's max hp=950 hp) of course da skyline tops dat w/ da veilside edition skyline w/ max hp at 1300+ hp!!

posted by  fury604

fury604 wrote -
"first of all supra dunt even come second, first is da skyline gt-r (of course)den comes da lancer evolution (i mean c'mon, WRC, i mean it has held dat titl for 3-4 years runnin, it deserves respect) den comes da supra (it has alot of potential, rumors of it's max hp=950 hp) of course da skyline tops dat w/ da veilside edition skyline w/ max hp at 1300+ hp!!"

Actually, more than 1,000bhp has been squeezed out of a Supra engine that had been bored out to 3.2 litres. It was built by a company called, "Junauto" and named, "Akira 2000". It achieved 249mph on Utah's salt flats, although the arm restraints that clipped the driver’s right glove to the roll cage to ensure his limb didn't fly out of the window if the car rolled stopped him from upping the boost during the run. The first Skyline engine that was tuned to more than 1300bhp was even installed into a Supra instead of a Skyline. Just because the Mitsubishi Evo is makes for a good rally car, it doesn't make it a fact that it's a better all-rounder than the Supra. I can appreciate your opinion but it is just your opinion.

posted by  snoopewite

R32 GTS Inline 6 2.0ltr (RB20DE) RWD
R32 GTS25 Inline 6 2.0ltr (RB25DE) RWD
R32 GTSt Inline 6 2.0ltr (RB20DET) RWD
R32 GTS 4 Inline 6 2.0ltr (RB20DET) AWD
R32 GTR Inline 6 2.6ltr (RB26DETT) AWD

R33 models are the same as r32 except the motor is now a RB25DE and RB25DET. The GTR motor stays the same. Also the R33 GTR gearbox isn't as strong as the R32 gearbox.

R34 introduced a GT edition. GT was non turbo. GT T was a GTSt. They just changed the names. There all rwd apart from the r34 GTR.

All GTR version came with ATTESSA which is Nissan's AWD on-demand system.

Also there are V spec, V spec 2 edition to the GTR. They get better suspension, brakes and upgrade ATTESSA software. M spec gets a few more goodies.

N1 edition gets a blue print motor. Only minor difference.

Type M which is a R33 GTSt is just a face lift of the R33 GTSt.

R35 editions come with V6 motors. 2.5ltr & 3.0ltr. The Skyline GTR is no more.

Alot of the drag racing GTR's disable there AWD system to get better times.

The RB series of motors was based on the L series. Which dates back to the early 70's late 60's.

posted by  57ock

Nice one. Thanks 57ock thumbs

posted by  snoopewite

Skyline R34, perfection for CRAP!!! What horrible statistics....
0-60 5.1
1/4 13.4
Man this car sucks ass, its no good at all, well at least for that kinda price...RB26DETT, what a shitty engine, Inline 6 peice of crap.

posted by  Skyline Hater

You know the ca18 has had the most wins for nissan in 510 competition...i think anyway, someone correct me if i'm revs higher, lighter components, almost equal ability to that of an sr20. Thats why I think more people should be building 240s with the ca18, it would be fun, plus you would be the only one on the block...i'm building one with an i'm just the stupid kid on the band wagon...but hey, jwt loves the sr20...

So the silvia is my current project...
in the mean time...

Who wants to talk about toyota's acclaimed turbo alltrac?

likes? dislikes? be nice cause i drive one...

posted by  Hopedrivesby


anyway bud.

CA18 has a cast iron block where as Sr20 has a alloy block. Rev wise they are both the same. CA 7,500 redline Vs Red Top Sr 7,200 VS Black Top Sr20 7,000

Both motors have strong bottom ends. Main weakness are there pistons. Also Sr20det Black top has Variable Valve. Sr20 rods can take 125hp per rod max. Heat treat them and you can get more. But they will snap oneday :)

One down point for sr is the head design. But the heads are clean from factory.

Ca18det is a lot cheaper to buy then Sr20det. Half the price.
Black top Sr20det is even more expensive

posted by  57ock

Pulsar in the United States has CA18de right? I wonder how many parts are good for swap...I mean if you took the time to build a CA18det then you might have parts laying around the us... I was also wondering if they had ever made a 2 ltr? 57ock?

posted by  Hopedrivesby

CA never came in a 2ltr. There was a FJ20DET which appeared around the same time the CA did. Sr was a replacement motor for the FJ20

Its better to just drop a factory CA18DET in a car then build one. A lot cheaper. Not sure what motors Pulsars in US had. I'll research that.

You'll have to get a east west Ca18 for front wheel drive.. That shouldn't be hard to import or find in US.

posted by  57ock

Thanks 57, I wasn't sure if I heard about a 2ltr ca or not. I agree with you, dropping a new engine would be a lot easier, but I think it would be great if there were CA parts lying around. I'm saying this to continue my campaign for future CA 240 owners :)

only kids on the block
the only kids on the block...

posted by  Hopedrivesby

I don't know, I think 8.9g's of lateral acceleration is pretty good... :rolleyes:
May I ask why you hate the Skyline? The R32 GT-R set a record at the 'Ring when it was introduced. And I have heard more than one magazine call the Skyline the best all around car in the world.

posted by  JDM Enthusiast

I think honda's are more fun to talk about.

posted by  S2000Boy

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