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I think the new saab's are hella sick. I like what they've done to the trunk (no hatchback). They look a lot better than the BMW325i's do IMO. What do you guys think? :mrgreen:

posted by  jzxTT

Shouldnt this belong in the European Import section, instead of the Asian Imports?

posted by  aerith

saabs are crap

posted by  GreekWarrior

You want to back up your "opinion", or just remain an idiot?

I like Saabs. I like companies that aren't afraid to use a turbocharger to get some extra power out of a "small" engine.

posted by  abless

Saabs are great.
A friend of mine (also my dentist and a car guy) drives only Saabs. He probably had 5 of them so far (anything from a 900 SPG, to 9-5). Still has an old 9000 that he uses as a winter car. Over 300,000 km on it and still going great. Beautifully engineered cars that stand out.

Only bad thing about the new 9-3 (apart from losing some of the Saab quirkiness) is it's price. Costs quite a bit more than the new Volvo S40 or Subaru Legacy GT.

Oh, yeah… This should be under European imports, or even American cars. hehe

posted by  sash

I can back that up. Saabs have some of the worst reliability of any of the euro makers over here in America (coughGMcough). They almost ALL use turbo ecotec engines (parts bin junk). They are still stuck on FWD (which is stupid having a turbo FWD with all the torque, all you get is wheelspin and torque steer). Saabs just arent selling anymore over here in the states for these reasons. A guy I was talking to at a wedding said the biggest mistake he made was buying his 9-3. Said it's in the shop almost every other month with some Jaguar type repair cost (matter of fact he had a rental 300c because it was in the shop at the time). Never will buy another Saab again.

posted by  thunderbird1100

like i said saabs are crap.

posted by  GreekWarrior

I consider Saab decent cars, i used to love them. They are one of the unsung brands that are actually decent like Alfa Romeo's, Renault(even though Renault owns 55% of Nissan), and MG Rovers. Except, recently the reliability has been going downhil, they look good though. Maybe this is GM's fault, maybe its taken the persona of most GM cars with the looks but its crap under the hood. With a few exceptions like Corvette. Any one seen the new Pontiac GTO? The specs looks pretty good, but specs are nothing.

posted by  aerith


anyways........... I love Saab's as you can see vvvvv But i do like the pre GM one's more. also I havnt heard anything about the new saabs having 'the worst reliability' well not in the EU anyway :mrgreen:

posted by  Car Nirvana

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