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I'm about to get a Galant vr-4 and wondered if any of you out there had owned and modded one?

I'm getting the turbos cut and resized, Piping, and podding it. But is there anyone whos done some work to one before out there? I aint planning on going the whole hog or anything as the car will be my daily drive car and taking the kid around in, so dont want a monster. But I want MORE power still. I just dont want to get eaten by all the rexs round this way. 205kw standard is a good start, but as allways-more is better :wink2:

cheers for any input you got peeps.

posted by  Unlicensed

I had no idea that there was such an animal as a Galant VR-4. Do you live in the States? :screwy:
...Sorry, I know that was totally counterproductive as to what kind of reply you were looking for.

EDIT- I answered my own question above. If you lived in the US, you wouldn't have rated the car's power in kilowatts; nevermind. In this case, I'd assume that you live somewhere in Europe, meaning that there's a good chance that the Mitsu Galant VR-4 just never sailed across the ocean blue over to America. Since I'm from Kentucky, I can't help you. :ohcrap:

posted by  Patrick

Dammm nice car but ive only eva seen one in the uk

Base Price, GBP 31,995
Engine Type dohc 24v V6 twin-turbo
Displacement, cc 2498
Power, hp@rpm 276@5500
Torque lb-ft@rpm 268@4000
Curb Weight, lb 3344
0-60 mph, sec 5.9
1/4 mile, sec 14.0
0-1km, sec 26.6
Top Speed, mph 150

posted by  Car Nirvana

Yeah I'm from England but living now in new zealand where all the jap cars get imported to. :clap:

I had seen a couple on the english market but not many. I'm lucky enough to now live in a country that has no legal requirement for insurance and probably the easyest licensing ristrictions of any western country at present. Also the majority of the car market here is japanise imports, with no import duty and quite simple compliance procedures. If the japs build it, we get it! :thumbs:

Plus working for the biggest manual turbo dealership in the country :smoke: I get to pick and choose from a fun list of cars day to day. :drool:
Unfortunatly though the best car of my life (M5) was handed back to the salesmanager today :cry: so time to focus on the vr4.

Help me peeps, I wanna go fast again!!

posted by  Unlicensed

a friend of mine has 2 91 VR4 galants... whats cool about it, is that here there are only 2000... oh, and another friend has a 91 as well... but yeah, id say that they are incredible. all of the galants that my friends have have 7.5 cm no cat. converter piping, and of course intake, and, the kid with the two galants has a stage 3 clutch... very nice

posted by  mazda6man

Unfortunatly if your friend has a 91 it's not the same as what I'm getting I'm afriad.

that would be the 2.0lt V6 version with the round body. I'm getting the 2.5lt new version! their good cars though none the less! personally I would consider the old evo zero for a good fun hack over the 2.0lt V6 myself. But they are HARD to find in good condition these days. But all in all, any of the vr4s are gonna give you a big smile.

The 91 might be the old evo zero though on reflection. is it the old sharp lines or the round lights?

posted by  Unlicensed

well, I seen some modded ones run 11s at the track! :mrgreen:

posted by  SunDown13X VR4

11s you say? :mrgreen: That sounds good to me! what where the mods?
do you know how hi the boost levels where?

posted by  Unlicensed

small update,

The vtnz (testing and compliance centre of nz) has passed airbag suspension as safe and certified it!! :mrgreen: so being the poser I am! the speed will be taken care of vis the new turbos and pipes with larger intercooler. (enuf for me) and the rest of my spare cash is going on the airshocks and mags :thumbs: Unless anyone has some good ideas for easy hp, I think I'll be enjoying this for a few months with the bounce!! :drool:

posted by  Unlicensed

Hey man, I hear what your talkin bout, 91 vr4 eh. 2 litre dohc turbo 4wd (4G63) :thumbs: . Best engine ever produced by mitsubishi.
These cars have a lot of potential.
Having owned two a 88 vr4. and a 1990 evo zero.
The key difference with the evo zero is the 179kW standard, also it is alot lighter than the normal vr4.
One of the easiest ways to increase kW is, to put a bigger front mount intercooler on it and wind the boost up, to maybe 17-19. The only problem with doing this is the major strain on the engine and more so the gearbox. But also a highflow filter maybe K&N or similar pod style. and custom extractors with a high flow exhaust, making sure you remove the cat.

Happy driving :wink2:

posted by  kev_evozero_vr4

Which vr4 are you gettin'? I mean.. what year? I think the 91 has the 4g63t engine, same as Eclipse GSX, Talon Turbo, Starion 2,0 Turbo, Lancer Evolution I-III and maybe some other cars, not completely sure. But I do know that the SpaceWagon has a nonturbo 4g63... :P

posted by  DanniR

cheers for the input fellas, but i aint gettin the 4g63t vr-4. I'm getting the 2.5 V6 vr-4. its alot closer to the 3kgto than the evo! the picture posted above is the model I'm getting. *nudge nudge, wink wink, 205kw.

twin turbo setup. but I'm thinking of just hitting the normal mods and sacking it on the airbags now. $3000 and can be certified for the road here now (at last).

posted by  Unlicensed

the 96-2000 mitsubishi galant/legnum vr4 has the 6a13tt engine in it.
That is the 2.5L Twinturbo V6.

The 4a63t and 4a64t ar the 2L I4 single turbo engines that were made famous by the evo's.
If you want a quick, bigger car and dont mind the lack of aftermarket parts then the vr4 is a great choice.
you can still get all sorts of bits for the vr4, but as for bolt on horsepower, your not gonna find much, and if u do its not gonna be a mammoth amount of extra power.

bare in mind that the VR4 is a very nice package straight off the factory floor, and the 6a13tt sits on 205kw as with later 4a64T engines, but has a much nicer looking torque curve, no narrow power band here.

if u really want to tune the hell out of a (mitsubishi) car, any of the 4a63t or 4a64t cars will do nicely. you could also the consider the gsr/liberoGT which is basically the 4a6xt in 1.8L form. ...Loads of bolt on parts for all of them.

as for me, im going for the vr4 wagon as my first car. :) and i aint gonna thrash it :cussing: .
Im gonna enjoy not destroy. :thumbs:
ski fields, roadtrips, oh yeh... cant wait!

posted by  MunkyWrench

Oh, and Unlicensed - the vr4 is a very very very complicated car. i wouldnt recommend resizing turbos and all that. Anything will throw the (3 or 4) onboard computers off song, so unless u want the power for track/comp use and not jsut bragging rights u shud stick to the more simple bolt on mods.

the twin small turbo (keyword small) config of the engine is what makes it so great. no lag, fantastic torque curve etc.

you'll find the factory spec is a very entertaining drive.

posted by  MunkyWrench

wtf? I didn't ask for the problems with these engines did I?!

What do you mean "I'll find the factory spec entertaining"
I do know these cars already bud! I've sold and driven about 30 this year so far! As well as sti ra's, evos, rx7, ect! Also have my own mechanic standing by to do what ever he's told to do.

Why the hell also would I want the libero/gsr? with the 4g93t! btw, is your a next to your g on your keyboard? 4G93t "G". "same thing"? what no frontmount i/c, lower displacement! i could go on, but can't be arsed!

Your getting the legnum vr-4 as a first car? tip-tronic too I bet! :banghead: first car?! and your telling me something?!

I cant take this! I'm too het up!
Nothing more to say! NOTHING!

posted by  Unlicensed

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