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I'm 16, this is my second car (I earn my money by the way, unlike the "rich" community.) I have a few questions. First of all, the air filter and intake are in a peculiar spot, in front of the radiator. If you know what I am saying, is it possible to fit a cold intake onto it? Next question. I bought this car from a guy that said he put a new muffler on it. Recently I removed it to see that he hadn't actually put this muffler on, he sat it there so he wouldn't get pulled over. I need a new muffler system, any suggestions? My last question is for anyone who has ever owned or raced one of these. Non-turbo, stock 5 speed. Where does it top out? I didn't check when I bought it for lack of license plates.

If you haven't guessed, my parents aren't rich, and I am actually earning things I get. Concurrently, I am on a budget. Keep that in mind when you make suggestions. Please.

posted by  Vlad280ZX

hehe, i know how it feels to be "poor". moms retired and dad passed away 7 years ago, so i gotta work for myself. not to mention that the rest of my family are really cheap ingrates.

anyhow, by "muffler system" i guess u mean the entire exhaust. u could buy an already assembled kit from some brand like apex'i, blitz, etc. (google helps). as for the cold air intake, sure. in fact, u can even move the routing and ending location of the filter if u want, just be sure to ask the stores if they sell kits to do that.

as for when it tops out, im sure one of the other members has driven one and owned one, just wait for them to reply :thumbs:

gl with the car

PS: us > rich bastards

posted by  Inygknok

Now, I have a problem. I have a faulty gas line. It's leaking ever so slightly, but it is leaking. This leak is hogging my performance and screwing up my idle, not to mention costing me gas mileage. What exactly do I need to know in order to replace the gas line? Measurements, ect. I also need to know how to install it, and what tools I'll need. Any and all help will be appreciated.

posted by  Vlad280ZX

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