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I am looking into getting a 4th generation supra to soup up. I was thinking about getting a base model, which is about $8,000 cheaper than a turbo, and adding a turbo later. besides only having a 5 speed transmission and no turbos, is there any other difference? and would anyone recommend starting with a stock turbo rather than a stock stock, even though theres such a price gap that could easily be compensated with a few grand in parts?

posted by  f11111

I woud imagine that the lower end is different as wel as compression ratios and the such

posted by  RichG

I say go wit da base model...with such a price difference in that and the turbo you can buy a raw ass powerful turbo for the difference and then some...and if you dont want the 5 speed then you have to get a supra under the '96 or the special edition '98 because they stopped puttin the 6 speed in supas after '95 but brought them back for one last time in '98...

posted by  JDM-Racer

How bout burn it and buy a laser. :thumbs:

posted by  SUPRA'S ARE GAY

...supra looks so much better

posted by  R3LAPSE

If you're going to turbo a car that allready has a turbo model out and you have a choice of buying between the two, you're wasting your time. While you may be able to throw a big turbo on a N/A car, you could do the same thing to the allready turboed car and improve it by just that much more. Go with the turbo model. It might cost more, but It will pay off in the end towards your goal of more power. The difference between a 5-Speed and a 6-Speed won't make that big of a difference in most applications. Supras are'nt exactly the cream of the crop in drag racing, or autocross. So 5 or 6 gear transmission won't affect you by a drastic ammount in racing, drifiting, or just general acceleration.

posted by  DSMer

I would have to agree with that...i mean, come on.

heres your Ford Laser...

here's the Supra.

think about it.

posted by  SuperJew

I'd just go for a 3rd generation 7m-GTE pwoered Supra...the MKIV's are just WAY too overpriced...I don't knkow where you live, but there are NO MKIV TT's in my area for under $20k...the N/A models are the same way, cant find one for under $14k (stupid F & F crap drived the prices up). You can pickup a nice 7m-GTE 3rd generation for only $5k-$6k MAX. Put a nice head gasket and studs on it and boost away. What would be even more cool is swapping out the 7m-GTE for a 2jz-GTE (which i believe is around $3k-$4k complete). Imagine, you could have a Supra for $10k+ less than a stock MKIV TT that is just as fast and in excellent condition (nice/low milage 91-92). That's exactly what I'd do. I just refuse to pay the astronomical prices people want for MKIV Supra's today... When on the other end you have two just-as-fast, just-as-manuverable (in comparison) cars as the Supra (The 300ZXTT and the Stealth TT/3000GT VR-4 which both sell for around $10k give or take $3k..that's half as much a MKIV TT and still less than a N/A MKIV {in my area}). If you want to waste your money into all the hype, go for it...just as long as it's not my money :smoke:

posted by  thunderbird1100

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