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Can a Turbo kit be installed into a non-turbo equipped engine meaning can it be installed aftermarket and if so Will the compression be to much? Will it melt a piston?

What would be the easiest way without internally doin engine mods? I'm looking to equip a Eclipse RS with Turbo
Coffin if you could help It would be love.. Thx

posted by  Flash Gordon

Sure you can install a turbo at a low psi but without intake, headers, high flow catalytic converter, and an exhaust system you should be thinking about a turbo. i/h/c/e is the basis for any car. its best to mod a car 60k miles and under IMO. Of course if you want to turbo your car you need as intercooler, blowoff vavle, and a boost controller┬┐. Depends the condition of your car and how many miles your car has. :mrgreen: :2cents:

posted by  jzxTT

Car has 100k and if i was to use a boost controller what is rule of thumb 8 pound boost or 12? i am worried about the pistons and how do i controll the Psi?

posted by  Flash Gordon

(Greddy boost controller) Its all at the touch of a button, after the boost controller is installed you can set it to where your running really low psi or max psi. Its like your atm machine, should be fairly easy to use, And you can also learn your gears, learn as is it will tell you the best time to shift, you can also save qt mile times ect. I dont have a boost controller so i couldnt tell you if you can turn turbo off. 100k.... hmmm..... thats a bit risky, if you're worried about your pistons then get new piston rings, new pistons(low compression┬┐), new rods and new rod bearings. Then it would be safe to mod.

posted by  jzxTT

Well the easy way to see if ur car is able to handle any turbo is asking urself if u''ve EVER seen any smoke coming out of the exhaust. If u have then ur gonna need to do a check. 1. do a compression test. just buy a compression tester about $50 max. 2. do a leak-down test. that means use a stethoscope to listen for a certain amount of air leaking out of the cylinder at tdc. if there is too much air leakage, or not enough compression pressure then u have some problems. ur engine wont handle the pressure well. but like he said above. u do need the intake/complete exhaust in order for the turbo to work right. besides... people choose to go whateva way they please but i wouldnt recommend to jump straight to a turbo. try the internals and strengthen ur engine first. then u dont have to worry at all.

posted by  VMJYogi

This imput is great but I am not goin to just drop a turbo kit into this RS i plan to get headers pullies,upgrade the ignition and plugs before i even think of turbo but my question was is it possible to install turbo to a non turbo engine..also will adding a duel exhaust give me exceptional Hp or will a flowmaster with single pipe be fine? I paid nothing for this car it was FREE i am getting alot of work done to it and I am not a car freak but tricking it out is a new hobbie..

posted by  Flash Gordon

yes you can turbo a non turbo eclipse. If A 900hp rx-7 doesn't need dual exhaust then you dont. www.apexi.com

posted by  jzxTT

ok this RS is Stock i found a pair of Falken torque 5's 18x8 Chrome w/Tires in great shape 4 1200$ and found a kit for 900 that looks nice I'm getting it painted 4 1000$ what should come next in the aspect of upgrades mechinally?

posted by  Flash Gordon

Well if you want a car thats tons a fun to drive and pretty fast........ cant say it any better than Intake, headers, exhaust, high flow cat. this place (www.dragracing.com) has lots of goodies for cheap. If you one of those paranoid people who think that their engines gonna catch fire get a cool air intake system, that'll cool things down a little. And if I were you id leave it at that. thats an extra ~50hp. keep in mind that its a noticable 50hp. That is stage one, after that id mod suspension. :2cents:

posted by  jzxTT

Alot of fun to drive doesnt mean alot of hp. And its a previous generation Eclipse, they are known to have major structural problems. So be VERRYY careful when you choose which turbo and how much pressure. I would recommend new shocks, springs, strut bars, cold air intake, turbo intercooler, boost controller, fuel management system, bucket seats, sparkplugs, ground wires(and other wires if you have money), tires, light weight rims like the ones on the Evo in my sig, gauges (obviously for monitoring turbo, oil pressure), and full exhaust system including downpipe. And if you have money left over mod something that most enthusiasts look pass, the radiator. There are alot of performance ones out there. A SMALL wing, don't go ricer style, maybe a very small body kit nothing too low or outstanding.
That would be the list of things i would MOD, and then stage two would be internal stuff, like pistons, headers, etc, etc.

posted by  aerith

unless your running less than 3-4psi? You gonna need sh*t loads done to your engine! yes compresion is a key factor, simple way round that is head gasket needs to be thicker, talk to performance shop. best to get a set of forged pistons. engine management. To be honest, It really aint worth doing a turbo conversion on a car like that, cos its more money, time and effort than its worth. especialy if you need to ask us if it can be done :screwy:

Everything can be done if you got the money, time, patients, skill, etc.

posted by  Unlicensed

instead of spending all that money prepping that engine for a turbo or swapping on a kit and running really low boost, Why not just swap in the turbo motor? out of a turbo eclipse?

posted by  Arthur

i was thinking about the same thing, but i was waiting to see if anybody else would give the idea..... guess not....

anyhow, yea, its the best cost effective idea he can go along with, or sell his car and get a 1g DSM (dont get a 2g if u dont want me to pick on u with the crankwalk :D).

or just get the 1g 4g63. its relatlively inexpensive and can be gotten easily, not to mention in good conditions (way better than ur current engine).

posted by  Inygknok

um? that was sorta what I was trying to say?
but hey, if ya going to start on that sort of thing, just say go and get a fast car to begin with! makes things alot easyer if you use the millions of dollors the car companys have spent on development to start off with and just improve there don't ya think?

posted by  Unlicensed

you will need a new cam/ cams as well.

posted by  cinqyg

i agree, sell your car, and get a better one. if u want, just get the GS-T version or the GSX (1g models though).

posted by  Inygknok

I wouldn't mess with the N/A Eclipses. They are already unreliable as it is. If you want a turbo engine spend the $1700 and get the 4g63T 6 bolt.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I don't know how unreliable NA eclipses are, but if you want off the line power or power the momoent you touch the pedal, then NA is the way to go. However, a turbo will allow for a better top end speed, once you pass the turbo lag.

If you really want to find out how, go to google, and search for instructions on conversions from NA to turbo on the eclipse. They are out there, i know i found one for my mk2(1981-1985) NA toyota Supra

posted by  Coffin Type R

I don't know coffin, If he has the money he could put in a misfiring system and remove lag all together. But thats if he has the money. I know I would love a misfiring system.....

posted by  s13_Drifter

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