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I just bought an 88 323 hatchback for cheap and wondered about maybe havin some fun with it. I bought it to be able to sell my project truck, but if I remember right people used to use the model for club racing, I want another miata worse than life, but if I can put some work into this and turn it into a sleeper it might be worth keeping. Anyone got any ideas?

posted by  csramsey8074

lmao a mazda 323 !!! hahaha omfg i counted, and i saw 100 in 25 days

posted by  bLen

bLen, WTF does that mean? Are you really that dumb or are you just acting?

CS, yeah you can make a 323 into a little runner but don't expect too much from it. There isn't much in the way of upgrade parts for them because they were never considered a "hot" car. On the other hand if you want something for running to work and occasionally startling some ricer it could do the trick. 8)

posted by  vwhobo

323's are dope, my mate has a ford laser with a 323 familiar gt-r engine in it.. run's mid 12's with drag radials...

anyways.. to be precise on the things to turn it into a sleeper.. umm... a 323 familia gt-r engine (BPT).. umm.. get a t28bb turbo with a 3" dump.. 3" exhaust with a single 4" bullet.. 3.5" cat back.. 4"muffler box 3" tip.. umm.. mandrel bent piping ofcourse... try and find and universal front mount intercooler.... umm... 48mm external wastegate set to 18psi.. boost controller.. turbo timer.. umm.. blitzDD bov.. umm..forged pistons/crank/conrods.. fuel rails.. umm.. 500hp fuel pump.. nismo oil pump and oil catcher rod.... umm... the list goes on.. lol

i'm only 16.. don't expect to great of a list from me.. i'll get the list of parts from my mate rodney, his laser is dope..

posted by  HyundaGuy

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