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I just want to learn crap about crap... For one thing i want to learn about automatics (preferrably racing trannys. Another, the best engines out there from all countries. And does anyone know how to create their own bodykits? if so i'll drive to ur area and i'll pay u to do it!!!! also which type R cars were released in america so i could go around making fun of the fakers. And which ones are V-tec as well, though i do know there are v-tec swaps. And how much is an impact wrench. I need one to change mah clutch.

posted by  VMJYogi ... thats the last time im gonna post that link! go there to learn about the auto trannie or anything else that has to do with automotive junk. As far as I know the only type R here was the integra type-r (98-01). A couple of people did civic type-r conversions but integra was the only type r sold by dealers.

posted by  jzxTT

yup, listen to jzxtt on that one. as for body kits, i had a cousin that made his own parts, but i dont know if he made body kits, but he quit cuz he used to work without any eye protection and almost lost his sight. i do know for a fact that he made custom made turbos and rebuilt them. its a pity though that he was so stubborn (runs in the family :D).

other than that, some companies can build u a custom body kit if u got deep enough pockets.

posted by  Inygknok

yeah i just got them Bacatranes Cd's from my girl who was up in PR. They're cool but i thought they'd be better. I also got, Wisin, Bando Currupto, Zion y Lenox, and Baby Rasta Y Gringo. Its cool cuz over here they wont come out till december.

posted by  VMJYogi

to think all of those came out a long time over here :P

posted by  Inygknok

Do our Cd's that come out new over here take long to get there or does it come out right away?

posted by  VMJYogi

they come out right away. even the movies come out right away, sometimes even before. i think it was the LOTR movies that were released on a friday over there in the states, and we got them the day before u guys did.

posted by  Inygknok

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