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As you know Im buying a skyline and importing it into the US. I haven't had much luck in Japan in finding one (on the net) but Im looking for GTR R33's 95-98 in Austrailia now and I was just wondering if the emissions are different if they go to Austrailia like the US. Are the mods already done to the cars so that if I buy one from Austrailia all I have to do is pay shipping?


posted by  DeadAim25

How much are you gonna be spending (Just curious). Sorry i can't help :-/

posted by  XboxFPSKing

Prolly close to 50k trying to spend less so I can add more mods.

posted by  DeadAim25

Oh my! $50k down the drain! IMHO

posted by  BavarianWheels

You should try www.neweraimports.com ; they check all the auctions in Japan and offer all types of japanese cars , new and used...They will find the best car for you I guess and well they normally import it to GB but that shouldn't be the problem...also you should try GT Net (=> see also in the DVD JDM Insider).
Well that wasn't exactly your question, but before you buy a GT R in Australia you should think about the other options...

posted by  Max_DC

Thanks max, Im really looking hard into importing an R33 or now since the cost is low an R34 from that newera company. I really appriciate you showing me that and now my questions would have to be are emissions for european cars (like a skyline coming from europe) the same as the US or are they like Japan (how much am I gonna pay for emissions for a skyline I import from Europe).

posted by  DeadAim25

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