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Why does'nt anyone like the 2g eclipses? Whats so wrong with them? And wtf is a crankwalk???????? :confused:

posted by  jzxTT

ok, no offence, but i kinda got tired of explaining so im just quoting myself from another post.

anyhow, basically, the thrust bearing somehow cant withstand excess force, and on ALOT of these engines, some of the specs of the crankshafts were done like total crap (seriously). sometimes the bearings arent the appropiate ones or the crankshaft profiles were made wrong, and they just move around freely, which i believe it puts even more stress on the thrust bearing. anyhow, the thrust bearing eventually gives in and brakes the crank angle sensor (i think thats the correct sensor), and shuts off the engine. it can even just simply destroy the engine.

posted by  Inygknok

Looks like Inygknok beat me to it. Well, its the same reason why would someone advise against a rx-7. The seals thing, but if you tune it up it should be fine. But sometimes people love the car so much, these issues are unimportant. ahhaha

posted by  aerith

i love the 2g eclipses even with the the crankwalk issue :thumbs:

posted by  Dcalado_

I dont mind 2g Eclipses/ Eagle Talons but then again i havent seen many and For that reason i cant really comment.. but they seem pretty cool :smoke:

posted by  Lukaz

The 2gs are okay. But they are a transition between the 1gs and the 3gs. I personally think they are too big to move like the 1g. Maybe they just look bigger...idunno. And i dont like the headlights. Other than that they are splendid vehicles.

posted by  VMJYogi

Go to this website to see why we always recommend 1g Eclipses over the 2g and DEFINATLEY the 3g. The 3g is just a gigantic waste of a car. The 2g isnt AS bad as the 3g but still much worse than the 1g.


posted by  thunderbird1100

Pfft 3g my ass. I'll be dammed I if I let the DSM goe down with that sinking ship of shit. You call that a 2000+ Eclipse. Theres no damn way, any of us DSM owners will accepet that halfbred V6, non AWD, nasty body, pos.

Ugh I feel like hitting somone at mitsubishi. You have a car thats AWD and a Turbo 4G63. Why in the hell would you put a V-6 205HP in it and no longer offer it in AWD!?! After the car sold so damn much in its previous forms? Its ahh forget it its far to embarassing to talk about the 2000+ Eclipse.

Second generation Eclipses are not bad so long as you stay away from the 95-97 motors that have a high percentage of crankwalking.

posted by  DSMer

If you go to that site you will notice 75% of it is made up of 3g owners with Eclipses falling apart. 20% of it is 2g owners with crankwalking issues. And 5% of it (if that) is 1g owners with minor doo-dad problems. 95-97 is still 3/5's of 2g eclispes, that makes them bad in my book. I still know a few 99s that have crankwalked.

posted by  thunderbird1100

*Looks at the site and notices it says deadeclipse* Hmm how biased can that possibly be? The name might as well be www.i_hate_eclipse.com. Umm how about you go to a real DSM site, and stop posting that bullshit. Wow a few 99's that have crankwalk. Any engine can crankwalk. So singling out a few 1999 Eclipses that crankwalked don't mean feathers on a rats ass. Shit, how about we just compile everyone in the world that has a bad particular make and model of car and make a site for each one. Sure a car looks bad when you combine all the bad ones into one genral archive.

posted by  DSMer

A very valid point. Depsite the fact that the cars have had a tendency to crankwalk, the fact of the matter is, your site of reference is biased towards cutting the car down. Perhaps if they looked at how many Eclipses were produced in comparison to how many had a crankshaft issue, then you'd have a reliable point of reference. :screwy:

posted by  Patrick

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