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im looking into buying an eclipse but not sure which model i want, either the GS-T or the GSX, they both have the 4G63T.. but the GSX is awd... Also the GS-T comes in a convertible which i might be interested in but the GSX does not (correct me if im wrong) i fiqure the GSX would be more practical since i plan on adding performance parts and it has the awd,and convertibles arnt very practical for racing, but iv always wanted a convertible

posted by  Dcalado_

i am extremely sure GSX's have a convertible option....

posted by  Inygknok

If you really want a convertible get it, but I would suggest getting rid of the 7 bolt 4g63T in favor of the 1g 6 bolt 4g63T. Definatley go for the GSX. Same mods will yield you with better gains because you are getting the power to the ground more effectively. If all you want is cheap speed. Look no further than a 1g AWD DSM.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Get the 2g GSX....especially if you want to do performance mods. 1 g's are cheap, but they are ugly as sin.

posted by  What

You can get a GSX Spyder(convertible). They are just very hard to find. I've only seen a handfull in my time of serching for my future DSM. The GS-T will undoubtely come in Spyder form, but if you plan on racing it FWD will most likley not be your friend in the situations you may occur. AWD GSX Spyder, prefrerabbly AFTER 96. If I were you aim into ehe 98-99's, if not you're chances of crankwalking are very high. If you can't afford a 97 or higher then I suggest you either save money to do a 6bolt motor swap. Or buy a 1st generation 92 GSX

posted by  DSMer


Tell me that 1G is ugly as sin and i'll tell u ur stupid.

...hey thats a good phrase!!!...
NOTE: That car is NOT mine.... There are plenty of ugly 1Gs but there are also some 1Gs that are unbelievably nice. This guy i met at a race had a 1G and thats how i fell in love with them. His family owned a tuner shop and his car was nice on a level that i haven't seen even in magazines.

posted by  VMJYogi

thnx for the advice guys, i think im def. going to get the GSX 98-99, now all i need is the money for one...

posted by  Dcalado_

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