Just got a new head unit from my sisters Teggy.

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1993 Honda prelude Si.

Since my car was broken into at my job a month ago, i have no CD player. Well shortly after that they decided to suspend me from work.... for three weeks.... until i came in and asked when i could work again and they fired me. Bullshit... anyways, i have no money for a new one right now. But my sister remembered she has her stock CD/TAPE player from her 96 Integra. It fills the ENTIRE gap in my car, basically it fits perfectly. Anyways, it has a plug in the back for the wires and i don't have to splice anything. So i plug those in and the antenna wire and notice that the whole thing is two pieces. The bottom being the tape portion and of course the top is the CD player. They are connected by a metal panel on the side.. whatever that doesn't matter. The bottom piece has a wire coming out plugged into the top piece, i'm guessing it's the power wire. So it plugs into the top and it also has a plug on it for a power cable i guess coming from the car. Well my car doesn't have that.... just all the colored ones and the antenna cable. So what do i do?? My CD player that got stolen didn't have this??? Sorry for the long post, but i was trying to be in depth. Anyways thanks for the help

BTW, i was looking and i think it's an 8 pin DIN cable. I was looking around for information on google and found a picture of an 8 Pin DIN and they looked exactly the same. But it said it was used for a CD changer??? I don't know, i hope i can get it to work.

posted by  XboxFPSKing

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