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Hey guys you can read more about my RX-7 in the Introduce Yourself place, but here are 2 photos of my COMPLETLY JDM RX-7. I'll get more up as soon as the car gets shipped.



posted by  20BRotaryTT

quite nice! :thumbs: not keen on the black though. always though the RX-7 looks impressive in the red shell....any how, still a decent ride you got their buddy!

posted by  WeaponR

i went and read your introduction.... noticed u said it was a 1992 RX-7.... but u have an FD..... guess u made a typo.... since the FD came out first in 1993...

anyhow, nice car, and it doesnt look that bad in black, but yea, im used to seeing it in red or yellow.

posted by  Inygknok

[QUOTE=Inygknok]i went and read your introduction.... noticed u said it was a 1992 RX-7.... but u have an FD..... guess u made a typo.... since the FD came out first in 1993...

read this: http://www.j-garage.com/6110.htm

posted by  20BRotaryTT

ever thought about gettin it painted? how bout cooper orange and black, or black and red :drool: that would look so hot.

posted by  Ki2AY

quite odd..... this goes against every single article i have ever read.....

oh well, i just had to have a weird moment for today, i guess this is it....

posted by  Inygknok

Those were for J-Spec Models avail. only in Japan not in the USA.

posted by  20BRotaryTT

Yeah, the FD actually came out in 1991, but it was only available in Japan. So i think the articles you read were american. By the way, how did you get that car legalized? Imported cars cannot be street legal unless they are 25 years or older. (we have it easier in Canada, it only has to be 15 years or older, so we can get our hands on R32's, ive seen a couple around already.) Unless you modify the car to Left Hand Drive, and install alot of exhaust modifications and apply to the DOT. You cannot get you car legalized. Unless your car is only for performance and not street legal.

posted by  aerith

You made a good catch with this RX. Now I know that you never been in Japan by yourself right? :smoke:

posted by  lutz

A really good buddy of mine has an R32 Skyline that is RHD, and is licensed, registered, STREET LEGAL, and his insurance costs $50 bucks more than his S13 Silvia/240SX conversion.

posted by  20BRotaryTT

Meh nice looking car, but needs some new wheels, dont like those shoes it has on :mrgreen:

posted by  Voda48

Sweet Ride :thumbs: :thumbs: 2 thumbs up :mrgreen:

posted by  Lukaz

im with stupid

posted by  importluva

u r spending too much time in front of the mirror :D

posted by  Inygknok

I know this doesnt belong here but since everyone was talking about the rims and paint i figured i'd add a question. What does everyone think about vinyls? To me they are really nice as long as the paint job goes with it. And not too many colors either.

posted by  VMJYogi

mmm. dont like vinyls, they make your car stand out too much. Heres some pics of my fd, They're pics from the guy I bought it from. I didn't take them.
I LOVE IT :drool:

posted by  jzxTT

Got your FD huh? Remeber to take care of it. :orglaugh: Wouldnt want a seal blowing on you would you? :wink2: Planning any specific mods?

posted by  aerith

We have the Best looking RX-7 in our country .....It won many rewards in the owner used to be in the states.. and he just brought it to our country and i looks amazing but i don't know if am allowed to post his pics.

posted by  khalil007

There are a few Rx-7's in UK. problem is unlike USA and Japan. we dont sell tune ups or bodykits for cars like that... for the cheaper cars like the citreon saxo the peugeot 106 and vauxhall corsa there are loads of intresting kits and tune ups. If you want equipment in uk its gonna cost you an awful lot and requires you to research into a place that will get you a kit from either usa or japan Veilside :smoke: .

posted by  Lukaz

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