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I was reading an article, "140 ways you know your a DSMer," and i came across a couple terms that i didn't know what they ment, if someone could tell me what they mean it would be much appreciated.

"boost creep", "phantom knock", "torque steer", the initials "BCS",

posted by  Dcalado_

Torque steer- The annoying tendency of some front-wheel drive vehicles to pull to one side when engine torque is applied. In other words, you step on the gas and the car wants to steer right or left. By redesigning the power train to use equal length half shafts between the transaxle and wheels, the tendency towards torque steer can be greatly reduced. The other cure is to keep off the gas.

Boost creep -rising boost due to not enough exhaust bypassing the housing. For example, you're set for 13 psi, and when you floor it, you get a quick rise to 13 or 14 psi. But then as rpm's climb, the boost creeps higher and higher: 14, 15, 16, 17, etc. Enlargening the wastegate hole is one cure for boost creep

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thnx :thumbs:

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