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Hey Guys, Whats up?????
:cussing: Im getting soo tired of looking for a car, its so nutts. I'm looking for a cheap civc hb in the NoVa/Dc area if anyone knows of any. It doesnt even have to have a motor... Anyway... Was Any one here at the Super Tuner show over the weekend at Va Beach???? It got kinda boring around....uh..whatever time it started haha...Oh well, Still a good Time and my crew brought back a rack of trophies. Well, I'm sitting here at work doing NOTHING if you want to IM me go ahead... Thanks guys
- ashlee-
~*~ Import Angels ~*~

BTW: If anyone needs cheap decals made for their cars, or T-shirts made, ANYTHING, Let me know... :thumbs:

posted by  ImportAngelAsh

What kind of decals?

posted by  Eclipse_2004

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