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I have a 1990 eagle talon tsi awd twin turbo... it is the same car as a '90 mitsubishi eclipse... I just got this car and i have a few questions, All i have for it is a thermal R&D exhaust... I want to get a blow off valve but i have no idea which one (sound or performance)... Another question is should i get a boost controll, ive heard they help alot but again, idk anything about this.... If these are stupid questions, sorry...
Are these the engine mods that i should be getting?

thanks for all your help and sorry if these are stupid questions

posted by  GSR40i TS

Don't worry, no question is too stupid on here. First off, your car is single turbo, not twin. As for a BOV, get a nice one. I recommend a TiAL BOV. Boost controllers let you set boost pressure (psi). Don't get too cocky with it though, as turbos as well as engines/injectors/pumps have their limits. Before getting a Boost Controller i suggest getting a Walbro 255lph Fuel pump and new bigger injectors (550's will do) before you start cranking up the boost more than 2-3psi over stock. You can flow as much air as you want, but without the proper amount of fuel it will cause detonation in the wrong way. I suggest getting a Boost controller with a readout of the Air/Fuel ratio. A nice one will be around $250-$300. Like an Apex-i. Manual Boost controllers dont have a readout as they are actually attached to the turbo itself and you adjust it from there (around $50-$100).

posted by  thunderbird1100

where can i buy after market fuel injectors? are there any other engine mods that i should get?

posted by  GSR40i TS

a fuel pressure regulator for starters.... new fuel lines (braided ones would be nice), and probably a new fuel rail if necessary. add those things to the stuff thunderbird mentioned and u will have a nice, simple stock set up. a stronger clutch would be handy too.

as for where to get this stuff, just have fun searching on google.com
the places are numerous and available in vast quantities.

posted by  Inygknok

No offense intedned, but IGNORE every single advisory statement these two guys have given you. Although they mean well, the DSM engine does'nt work that way. There is a certain "suggested" order that us DSMers follow and it works extremely well. I suggest you go to www.dsmtuners.com and under tuning guide you will find a pretty intracite article/guide to help you on your way of improving your cars performance. I'd explain any questions you need after reading it, but the guide and reference there should explain it all...

Also before you get off to modding, make sure you have fully changed all of your fluids. Replaced timing belts and give your engine a thorough cleaning. I can't even begin to stress the importance of having your car engine clean and running at optimum before you begin to mod on it. Especially on a `90 DSM. Go down to your local pep boys and get you a pair of NGK sparkplugs and a new set of wires. They tend to wear out on the DSM. Ingyknok is probably right about replacing the clutch but BE CAREFUL. Some clutches that are designed to fit in the DSM are for racing(autocross) purposes. So they engage hella rough. Just read arround on the site I listed above you should have no trouble, and if you need to get the answer for any questions ask in this forum. They tend to flame alot of newbs over there, because they have an article on just about everything. Anywhos good luck and hope to hear from you soon.

posted by  DSMer

go with what dsmer says or youl be kicking yourself in the ass

posted by  nektratta

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