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I currently have a 95 Honda Accord. I want to lay all new pipes, from the header back tot he exhuast. I went down to a local car shop in town and they offer what looks to be the whole system - Muffler, Catalac, stainless steal 2" or 3" pipes, and CatBack exhuast. I'm unsure of the measurments exactly. I'll be getting a new header as well.

What system would be ideal for my car - exhuast system and headers) I'm clueless - big time N00B. I'm probably going to go with a DC Header, but only if it allows me to meet emisions specifications. Any help in this area would be appreciated.

Also, whats this exhuast manifold and what purpose does it serve?

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Same Question???

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27 views and 0 replys......I dont understand. :cussing:

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Aight well it doesnt look good to whine because noone is answering ur question. Maybe the right people havent viewed this thread mmmkay. It might've been alot of cluless people that viewed th thread. Second of all this thread doesnt belong here.

Now... it depends on what you are planning to do with the car. If you want a car that looks and sounds fast but isnt then congrats ur a ricer! If you want a car that runs a little stronger and ur not planning on any serious mods then i'd suggest some 2.5 inch pipes. If you want to race then u have to use 3 inch pipes. Also how old are you? The exhaust manifold is the exact same thing as the header. As for emissions all you need is an O2 sensor connected somewhere on the exhaust, and a catalytic converter and ur emissions are fine. Now the more important thing to worry about is the type of muffler you will be using as that will get you into far more problems than ur emissions. (ticket 3 out of 5 days of the week). Id say some DC headers are fine. A 2.5 downpipe. A high flow 2.5 cat. Then the cat back exhaust, again 2.5 inches. The muffler could be a sports muffler with a silencer. If you want the whole 4 inch tip thing then more power to ya but i like the double square tips. (tips are the part you see sticking out of the muffler. Some people choose a 4 inch diameter circle muffler tip)

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First, thanks for answering my questions. Second, I wasnt wining about anything. I sat on this thread for 3-4 days waiting for a reply while every other thread was getting posts (MY DREAM CAR POST, For example). I was a little frustrated, naturally. And Third, if this post doesnt belong here, then where? This forum isnt for mods/asian imports?

To answer your question, I'm 22yr old. Whats it to you? Also, I'm not looking to race, nor do I wish to mak my car look and sound fast. Those ricers can go to hell. My town is FULL of them. Their responsibly for much of the accidents that occure friday and sat nights. For me, better gas milage and proformance out of my machine is fine. Simply mods will do. If I wanted to race, I'd look into a swap.

This is what mods I have in mind as off now:
DCHeader ($300 to $400)
AEM cold air intake w/bypass valve ($200)
All new pipes, as mentioned, w/Cat Back Exhuast ($400)

That's pretty much it. It shouldnt be to expensive. The only thing I'm confused on is the header. Should I get 4-1 or 4-2-1 header? Oh and how important is the bypass valve on the intake?

I dont mean to come of cocky and I do appreciate the time you took to reply. Your comments are very helpful. If I could though, I have anothe question:

1) I already have lowering spring, but I'm looking into new shocks. Do you have any suggestions - which shocks would be worth looking into?


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