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Whats up everyone... I have a 1995 MX-6 LS with a V6 engine. I love the car, its paid for and still has a decent look to it. What I want to do is get more horse power and speed in it. I dont care if that means putting in a new engine or what have you. Just as long as Im not looking at a new car note, Im down.

Does anyone have any idea of what kinds of mods I can do? I am clueless when it comes to cars but willing to learn or have someone do the tough stuff for me.

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

- Rets

posted by  retsam

for starters, u can have a look at the mods done to the other cars asked for here in these forums. their questions werent asked too long ago (like a week ago) so u can look for those threads easily. same mods can apply to ya.

so lets skip that part.

as for any other mods... an engine swap. maybe a rotary powered 626 would be a nice idea. maybe even swap a V8 into the car.

just simple ideas (though the latter aint so simple, but u get the idea).

posted by  Inygknok

hey, I think your on the right track looking at an engine swap. As far as I know the engines in them things aint the best for modding? surprising handling though I found.

I do like the rotor idea! but then I always like the idea of droping them in cars!

posted by  Unlicensed

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