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Hello. I've been looking around for an import lately, and i just came across the last generation of the 240SX. The weird thing is the headlights, cause i've been really nice these.... full.jpg

and then, pretty dull ones. if i were to buy a 240SX, what would i look for to get a car with headlights like the picture above?

One more thing, i've been told that i could possibly do an engine swap with the sylvia engine from japan (which is more powerful, right?). How much do you think that could run me? Thanks for the help

posted by  BobDoleX

the engine swap thing you are talking about is the SR20DET. it all depends on which engine u get. the s15 version is not worth the model, specially since the 6speed transmission seems to be troublesome. you are better off either getting an s13 redtop or an s14 blacktop. the redtop is my favorite by far, mainly cuz of the pentroof design and its alot more cost efficient. the blacktop has more power, but only cuz of the bigger turbo (T25 vs T28). its not expensive at all, although the costs of these engines have increased with their popularity. they can vary from $1,500 all the way up to $2,500. thats how much either a front clip or a full engine kit costs (should cost atleast). this includes leak down tests, compression tests, uncut harnesses, the transmission, so on so on. everything u need basically.

as for the one u posted above, thats the S14 240SX. it came out first in 1995. that version is quite alot more expensive than the S13 model with the flip-up headlights. the american version of those cars do come a bit underpowered, but lately their stock engines have been getting some tune ups by a few modders, and have gotten very good results. its not a bad powerplant to build on, specially since its larger (2.4L vs japan's 2.0L). im guessing the s14 model should cost somewhere around the $7,500 area or more, but no more than $11,000.

btw, the sr20 is more powerfull mainly cuz it is equipped with a turbo, while the stock ka24 (american version engine) is an NA. its up to you on wat to do.

posted by  Inygknok

Are you sure that is a s14? The headlights are s15 headlights. I'm not sure about the car though. The front and rear spoiler has been changed, so i cannot tell if that is a s14 with a s15 conversion.

posted by  aerith

doesnt matter. the 240sx didnt have an S15 version. only the Sylvia had an S15 version. the Sylvia S14 and the 240SX S14 are pretty much the same thing. they have a few minor details that are different, but they are so stupid and miniscule that no one really notices. big differences are the location of the drivers seat, for obvious reasons. still, the s14 240sx looks just like the sylvia s14 anyhow, it doesnt matter.

posted by  Inygknok

"the 240sx didnt have an S15 version. only the Sylvia had an S15 version."

"s14 240sx looks just like the sylvia s14 anyhow"
wierd... they are the same thing

"they have a few minor details that are different, but they are so stupid and miniscule that no one really notices"
ones japanese... ones american

"big differences are the location of the drivers seat, for obvious reasons"
ones japanese... ones american

the chasis code is PS13... for both the 240 and silvia... except for the s13 240sx and the japanese 180sx which is RPS13... so they are the same thing

posted by  mazda6man

sorry if i sound like a butthead

posted by  mazda6man

i was talking about the S14 and S15 models, not the S13 ones.

also, the 180sx is a different car to the 240sx. in alot of parts of the world, its the model that comes equipped with the CA18DET engine, hence why im trying to keep it as simple as possible with just the basic well known S13, S14, and S15 models fo the 240sx only, but since the pic above is the s14 and the doubt is if it has s15 models, i kept it along that range. there are more than those chassis only. theres the RPS13, KPS13, KRPS13, HS13, MS13, S14, B14, S15, and the list actually goes on a bit further. see now why i tried to keep it simple?

posted by  Inygknok

that pic is actually an S15...




posted by  mazda6man

you get the idea though. could even be an s14 transformed into an s15. those conversions are really common, like the sil-80 which was at first a normal conversion and then Nissan decided to do a limited production nissan made sil-80.

posted by  Inygknok

sorry i havent been on for a while to come back on this (my comps been down... but the sil80 is only silvia headlight conversion on a 180sx body... this car has all he stylings of an s15... headlights... yes, body shape (which does have its differences) and backend, though you cant tell very well from this picture, but you can tell well enough by the way the back end curves before meeting the tail lights

posted by  mazda6man

probablity says, s14, with s15 front and rear conversions. Looks really nice though.

posted by  s13_Drifter

ok thanks for the help. i have a basic understanding of it.

me and my friend were talkin about it one day, and what i kinda now want to do is buy 240SX S14, and do an S15 headlight conversion. I was wondering how much a conversion like that would cost. Also, another question if there's a kit for a rear light conversion and the price on that too.

I appresiate the help.

posted by  BobDoleX

i doubt they make a kit... youd be better off importing an s15... but if you do wanna do the tail lights, its gunna take some cutting, bondo-ing, and fiberglassing

posted by  mazda6man

wat many ppl do is buy the S15 parts and modify the S14 so everything fits like mazda6man said. i dont know exactly how much work is required, though i prefer the S14 rear end alot more.

posted by  Inygknok

The s14 back end looks better than the s15 but i like the s15 front end so im undecided as to what u should do. Its the tailligts that convince me that you should get the s14 but the s15 has the neat bumper that doesnt show the upper grill thing with the cool headlights. I say get the s14 and do a headlight conversion.

posted by  VMJYogi

just a quick tip

that white S15 shown a while back IS a japanese S15, lookin closer at the picture you can see the right hand drive console flare over the instrument panel, but it does have an aftermarket front bumper and sideskirts

posted by  240SXSR20DET

yes that picture you posted up is an s15. as of what mazda6man was saying, "you can tell well enough by the way the back end curves before meeting the tail lights". that is true. you can get a s14 and do a front conversion. it'll run about 1-2 thousand. the headlights itself would cost about 700. and as of the backlights, i think the 97-98 s14.5 (kouki) backlights is better. but you could think what you want. the s15 motor has about 250hp, the redtop (s13) 205hp, s14 (blacktop) 220hp. they all have about the same amount of torque.

posted by  silvia_star

The first pic is with out a doubt an s15. Silvia's and 240sx's are the exact same thing. The silvia was japans car and the 240sx is the us's version. There is no us s15. You are not better off importing one as it is very difficult to do. this is why there are no or very few s15's in the states. The s15 front end swap is very common with both s13's and s14's. It souldnt be that difficult. Look on ebay and all the parts u could need should be there. As for swapping the tails...good luck. not worth the effort. plus they probably wouldnt turn out right. Just stick with the front end conversion. and if you are really serious about it then look for some drifting forums or more nissan 240sx specific forums as you might get miss led here.

posted by  DTMBaller

u can put s15 frnt on a 240 im from austarlia and we have 180 prty mutch the same thing and 180z with s15 frnts are prty comon

posted by  13b_turbz27

O RLY? y dnt u use vowlz n y do u rviv old treds?

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posted by  PontiacFan27

you tired? you did a lot of digging to pull this thread from the grave...

posted by  mazda6man

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