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I posted the following on the repairs and maintanence forum, got one good response and another one that was useless, but haven't fixed the problem. Can anyone here help?

After successfully installing new pads on all four feet on my daughter's '93 Mazda MX6, I bled both the rear and the front right brake lines with no problem. The left front line is another story. It pushes out nothing but air when the brake peddle is pressed, but when the peddle is released, it sucks back air or fluid left in the bottle, but won't actually bleed the line. Interestingly, the peddle would go to the floorboard when bleeding the other lines, but abruptly stops 2/3s down when I try to bleed the last line. I have gone back and bled the other lines again, and the proceedure works just fine. The front left continues to behave the same way, however. Anybody got any ideas? My daughter will kill me if she can't have her car before the end of the weekend.

posted by  KristensDad

Few suggestions:

Are you shutting off the nipple before the brake pedal is released? If you're just sucking the same fluid back and forth, it'll never bleed. You should have someone apply light pedal pressure, release the nipple, have them press the pedal slowly, then shut the nipple off before the pedal reaches the bottom of the travel (sorry if I'm teaching you to suck eggs!).

Another problem could be with the brake hose on that side. I'm presuming the caliper pistons are free enough, as you managed to get the new pads in! However, the hoses can sometimes delaminate inside, and this can act as a 'flap valve', preventing full pressure from being applied. It's worth a shot: hoses are cheap.

Another thing to remember is that you have to keep the brake fluid very still, or it will form tiny bubbles that will cause a soft pedal. Never put old fluid back through the system, and always let a new bottle of fluid stand for 24 hours before putting it through.

posted by  heebee

I'll give it a try. Thanks so much. I also went to the local parts store and got a suction bleeder. Hope this gets it solved.

posted by  KristensDad

i just turned 20, your daughter must be really lucky having a father go through all this.

posted by  Ki2AY

Its true he did. I sent him a b-day PM myself.... Bringing the news baby!!

posted by  VMJYogi

I forgot to add: it's a good idea to change brake hoese in pairs. As they age, hoses go soft, which means they expand slightly when you brake. This means the pedal feels soft.

If you only replace one hose, you could cause the brakes to be slightly unbalanced. It makes sense to change them in pairs!

posted by  heebee

I think changing the brake hose is just out of my league. The air is out of the lines now, and the whole thing put together. What a relief! Thanks again.

posted by  KristensDad

Thanks for the compliment. Your quote was used by one of the missionaries to the Auca Indians in the rain forest of South America right before going to his martyrdom at the hands of the very indians he hoped to minister to. I think his name was Elliot. God Bless!

posted by  KristensDad

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