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I recently got a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS. It is all stock and still in good condition. It has quite a few miles but they are mainly freeway miles by a college chick. I want to start fixing it up but not sure what to do first. So if you could help out with what mods i should do i would appreciate it. I maily want to do performance first then looks.

posted by  Nor*Cal08

You could do the normal intake/headers/hi-flow cat/exhaust. Are you looking to do just engine mods, or suspension and other mods?

BTW- Where do you live? I live in Arcata.

posted by  abless

Depends on how you plan to use the car. Drifting, Drag/Street Racing, Auto-X, rally?

posted by  importluva

I live up by chico. I mainly want to do engine mods and others to make it faster. If it was fast enough i would like to street race it. I go on the weekends and watch street racing close to where i live. Would it be cheaper to try and make my engine faster or to try and swap it out for a faster one. And what other engines would fit in my car. Right now there is a 2.0L non-turbo engine in it.

posted by  Nor*Cal08

go here:

its a guide for performance mods/ and suspension mods... i think that is one of the best sites for DSM's.

posted by  Dcalado_

Thanks. If anyone else has any other advice i would appreciate it.

posted by  Nor*Cal08

What part of Chico?

Now to the original question. It would probally be cheaperto swap it out with faster engine that either has a turbo our hook-ups for one than rather buy a turbo, put it on the engine, and then blow the engine up and still pay for an another engine. Heres a place to try that is in Merced that sells used Japanese Motors that have 30 to 40k miles and has warranty of 6 months on it: "JAPANESE Eng. & Trans. Free del. Large inventory ATTARCO (800)688-5001"

posted by  Coffin Type R

I dont live in chico but close to it. If i was to swap out my engine for a faster one what engines would fit in a 96' Eclipse RS and what would be the best one for it.

posted by  Nor*Cal08

i guess RST motors are good... your RS motor... but with the turbo slapped on it. but if you were to swap the whole engine... you could go with GST. GSX would take a load of work... and probably isnt worth it...

posted by  mazda6man

My engine already has alot of miles on it so instead of putting turbo on it and ending up blowing the motor i wanted to swap the whole engine. Does anybody know where i could get and RST or GST engine for cheap.

posted by  Nor*Cal08

if you dont plan to rebuild the engine i suggest starting with a turbo

posted by  nektratta

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