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gotta 91 rx7 convertible that im trying to sell. $2500 Automatic, power everything, newly rebuilt transmission with 1k miles on it. 129k miles on engine and chassis. nothing wrong with the enigne, no leaks, runs great. The top does have a hole in it and will need to be replaced. I was quoted $800 for the new top including installation. I would have gotten the top but i dont have the money for it. I am located in Texas and will ship the car to anywere in the US and mexico. if youd like to see the car i have it posted on http://www.cardomain.com/memberpage/575576. you can email me at klitplayinwithit@hotmail.com or aim screenname klitplayinwithit. my cell is also 281-782-6480 if you have any questions about the car.

posted by  NateDogg

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