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Ok, so, I am looking at a 1993 or 1991 240SX that has 100k+ miles on it, or a 1993 eclipse with about the same miles. What mods are safe to do to each car? I'm mostly asking because recently i have seen lots of arguements for not doing the engine swap in the 240sx, but yea, just asking.

posted by  dabeem

intake exhaust, suspension, motor internals... the only non-safe this i would say is nitrous... plus its stupid

posted by  mazda6man

Ok, so do you think it would be cheaper (and safer) to supercjharge the engine in it now, or get a red/blacktop engine swap done?

posted by  dabeem

engine swap. it might cost a tiny bit more at the beginning, but will most certainly pay off in the long run and even in the beginning. also, by selling all old components you will get some of your cash back. have a look at the other 240sx discussions going on in this section of the forums at the moment.

posted by  Inygknok

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