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can i use parts like lights and stuff from a 96 eclipse and put them on my cousin's talon cause i can't find good parts like lights and stuff on ebay for my cousin's 96 talon

posted by  Raven

i dont think theyd bolt up exactly, no

posted by  mazda6man

im not really sure but i think you can...i was browsing this site and it had headlights that were labelld for eclipse or talon so i assume the parts are interchangeable

posted by  Dcalado_

yeah that's why i'm asking if eclipse parts will fit on a talon of the same year because sometimes i find stuff labeled for both cars but before i buy i want to make sure i don't want to buy something i can't use. cause the two cars look the same but that doesn't always mean they are the same

posted by  Raven

I'm not sure. I know that Eagle purposely changed aesthetic things to differentiate the cars, the spoiler being the main one. If I had to guess, taillights would be different slightly, too. Though generally the same location and shape, that's because the car's wired for lights there, I wouldn't count on tail lights and headlights being the same thing, necessarily. I wouldn't Talk to someone who can really find out for you. A local car tuner store would be an ideal place to find out.

posted by  Patrick

you can put the talon lights on the eclipse but you will have a gap on the inside edge of the light. about 1/4 of a inch. does not stand out much. as for other parts the talon has no paint on the roof just like the first gen. and the tail light is not the same at all i had to do a lot of body work to convert mine. next the front bumper is the same, but with a diff. logo. the only other thing that is different is the wing. the talon has the same spoiler but a different wing

posted by  boosted rb

thanx guys

posted by  Raven

depends on head lights or tail lights

posted by  nektratta

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