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i have a 92 nissan 240sx coupe with a 6 cylinder engine in it, whats it lookin at on the quarter mile and whats its top?

posted by  Corey

Corey...not knowing in what condition your car is in, it's difficult to say. Heck, a Yugo could take you out given the right circumstances.

But your cars stats are easy to google...!! :banghead:

posted by  BavarianWheels

Hey Corey,

Uh, don't think you've got a 6 in your 240. They only came with a KA24DE for that year, 155 hp, about 150 lb.ft. of torque. Expect low 17 or high 16's in the quarter with stock rubber and a crappy clutch.

posted by  mkent

hey, im new so tell me if my opinion is not wanted but mkent is right about the 4 cyl ka motors it is your luck that it is not as hard to find stuff for them now. before you had to go straight to jim for parts and it was not cheap. but now you can get you car as low as your bank funds will allow. but back to the point the car is prob. running mid 16's with a well taken care of car. that is counting on the fact that you can drive.

posted by  boosted rb

if you go to this spot it tells you all cars stock 1/4mile times
hope it helps check out the porsche cayenne turbo

posted by  boosted rb

moving to Asian Imports :thumbs:

posted by  SuperJew

no the stock engine blew so we swapped it and we couldnt find any so we went witth a 6 cylinder

posted by  Corey

there are so many 6 cylinder engines in the world that we would never finish mentioning them, unless everyone posts like 10 of them daily for a week or so. mind telling us which 6 cylinder engine the car has now?

posted by  Inygknok

the engine out of the 300z i believe

posted by  Corey

If you really have fitted a different engine, then no-one will have a clue what performance your car has. How on earth is there meant to be an official figure for a car you've built yourself?

It depends on the quality of the modifications, state of the car and engine...if you're really interested, then go to a drag strip. It's the only way to know for sure.

But if you're just racing other people on paper, then make up your own figures...everyone else does.

posted by  heebee

ok, a few things we got to clear first before we can get a ET, is it a VG30DETT or just a VG30DE? If its the TT, you're getting about 310HP 290trq, and if its the NA engine, which it problebly is, then you're getting about 230HP and 215trq. now if we factor in the weight of the engine and the stock 240sx, minus the stock KA24, you could get a rough power to weight ratio. Now just find a car with that raio, about round. Factor in your driving skill, and you could get a pretty close estimated time. Im too lazy to find the numbers, so yeah, I hope that gets you on the right track.

posted by  s13_Drifter

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