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What is the difference between redtop and blacktop SR20DET motors? sorry if this is a dumb question for i am new to the import scene.

posted by  240sx

S13 Redtop - T25 turbo, pentroof cylinder head design, ~205hp

S13 Blacktop - T25 Turbo, flathead cylinder head, ~205hp

S14 Blacktop - T28 Turbo, VTC, flathead cylinder head design, ~220hp

S15 Blacktop - T28 Turbo with some mods, VTC, flathead cylinder head design. ~250hp

the VTC really doesnt add more power to the engine, just a little bit. the differences in power are actually from the bigger turbo designs. pentroof heads are obviously some of the best designs, specially cuz it can be compared to a HEMI and equip 4 valves per cylinder without a radical design. they are all 2.0L (duhh), and all the sylvia sr20's are turbo equipped (sr20det). all are aluminum block and heads, and only the S15 model requires the 6-speed transmission. the rest use the same 5 speed transmission found in teh RB20DET packing R32 Skyline GTS-T, and the american versions of the sylvias (240sx and 200sx)

posted by  Inygknok

if your going to swap the motor do not rule out the rb20det/rb25det it will be a bit more work but you can definetly make a point with these motors. sorry if my imput was not wanted!

posted by  boosted rb

he can even get an rb26 if he wants. hell, he can mod the rb20 and modify it up to the rb24 version, or do it with the rb25 and up it up to rb28 (or rb29), and take the rb26 all the way up to rb30.

posted by  Inygknok

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