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Recently my 94 ford escort crapped out on me. I dont really like domestics all. My father told me he could give me his 2002 4dr honda civic EX. Only thing i dont like about it is the fact that its 4dr and I dont seem to see many kits that i like for 4drs. He then said if there was any car i wanted, what would it be...within a resonable price. I asked him what a resonable price was and all he said was "You tell me" Im thinking 15k is about resonable, since thats what the civics book value is. Anyways, could anyone recommend a car for me please? I love speed and power, but i also love a nice sporty look. Thanks in advance.

posted by  Zubei

You Couldn't have asked a more difficult question. There are so many good cars under 15k out there.
-any honda before 1993( $500-7,500)
easy engine swaps
decent power
very high reving
SR20, need I say more?
great drift cars
-Talon TSI(5-10k)
Allwheel drive
-Eclipse GSX(5-10k)
Same as TSI

Dude, just do research. There are so many great cars out there if your willing to go used, these are just some of my favorites.

posted by  Zalight

you can build any one of those cars in there but my fav is the first gen 6bolt talon/eclipse. they can be bought for 1500-3000 and with a ems and some tuning skills you can be at 220 at the wheels no bolt-ons that is y i like that one. o yea and it is sleeper as hell to

posted by  boosted rb

damn man, i wish that my dad would offer me to buy a 15k car :fu:

posted by  Eclipse_2004

Thanks, I have done some research. I just wanted to see what some people who may know more about cars than I have for recommendations.

posted by  Zubei

get a s13, yeah, the name. You could get the sr20, a JUN stroker kit to 2.2, then you could get a new turbo, and better accessories for the turbo, LIKE A MASSIVE BLOW OFF VALVE< PSSSSSSHHHHH!!!!, so sexy, that and a spool, but yeah if you get that car oyu'll have some good times at the track drifting, well, if you got the ball and enogh money to pay for anything, you can do it on the streets.

posted by  s13_Drifter

ok, i can already tell you are rather young. also, drifting in the streets is not about having balls, just seriously lacking brains and seriously enjoying putting people's lives on the line.

anyhow, on to give the fella some actual help. you can even get better cars for that amount of cash. even ITR's can cost that. not the brand new ones, but atleast the really decent 95-97 models atleast. even an MKIV supra with a few miles on it, a 3kgt vr-4, an FD3S (hard to find one though), even a 300zx TT and those can be found for a bit cheaper than the rest of its class. you can even buy one of the cars mentioned previously and seriously give it some real modding, even exteriors and a sound system.

it's all pretty much exactly all about what you want, and what's your final expectations. $15k is more than enough for a really damn good project with a car that can be bought for very little money. and $15k is enough for a really kick ass car and you will be right on the margin. almost forgot, you could even get an mr-2 or even try to find a gt-4 celica. damn, so many cars under $15k.

posted by  Inygknok

exactly my point igny...igyn...supra guy. With 15 grand he can buy a cheap ass old school car for 5k and throw 10k of mods in it and beat the hell out of 300zx's that would take all the 15k. Yeah the modded car may not look as good as some of the cars he could spend all his money on buying straight out, but the modded car would still be faster. And thats what its all about right? speed?

And your right drifting on the street is ridiculously stupid, can't people just find a nice empty out of the way parking lot to practice in until they get good enough to do it in competitions. Its still illegal but much safer.

posted by  Zalight

I love speed...but, I live in MA. Not a very good area for racing and such. The roads blow. I hope to move to FL in a couple years. Right now speed is a big factor to me, but...i wanna look good too. I really love the look of the 01 ITRs with a nice kit on them, but those are not in my budget. I want something that has decent speed and looks sharp on the outside. Thanks for all the replies so far.

posted by  Zubei

is it just me or has this forum been talkin A LOT about ford escort problems and how cool a 240sx is?

posted by  Ki2AY

i would love a 3kgt vr4 or a fd3s. Cant find many fd3s's around here tho, and the only 3kgt vr4s under 15k have over 100k miles on them. I want a nice fast sharp looking car...but how long will a car with that many miles on it last me? my crappy ford only had 85k miles on it when it died on me.

posted by  Zubei

well 15 k is a lot to work with dependin on how wisley u spend it....u mentioned speed as well as looks......so the best bet to get both overall in my opinion either go with a 95 and up 240 or 95-99 Eclipse Gst or Gsx.....so that way you can pickup one up for like between 2500-6500 at most for a good overall car....than the rest can be play money but make sure its used correctly in the speed aspect of it if you want that performance......but the rest of the cars everyone mentioned arent bad eitha well good luck in choosin the right car

posted by  JdmEngines

Well these are the 4 cars iv narrowed it to.

95-99 Acura Integra "Not as much power as i want, but oh well"
95-99 Mitsu Eclipse GTS/GTX
Mitsu 3kgt VR4
Mazda RX7

Seen some really nice ones on autotrader.com Im so desperate tho id take a crap car. I have no way to get to school and work right now. :banghead:

posted by  Zubei

Dude, I forgot one of my favorite cars; the generation 3 RX-7. My brother got one with no damage, and only 70,000 miles on it for ony $12,500 dollars. These cars are insanely fast and one of the most beautiful cars in my opinion that have ever been made. Plus rotary engines are so retardedly cool if you do just a little bit of research you will be swearing by rotary engines in no time. And if you opt for the gen 3 RX-7 you'll be running 13.9 stock. :mrgreen:

posted by  Zalight

The only thing that sucks, is that one of my friends, who knows alot more about cars than I do says that rotary engines arent as reliable. He told me that I would probably need to do alot of maintinence on them, or even rebuild it after about 90k miles.

posted by  Zubei

have a look in the new pistons vs rotary thread. i wrote a bit on them.

posted by  Inygknok

stop whatever you do, do not buy a 95-99 eclipse or talon for the crankwalk issue it is no joke, first its just another clicking sound and then, oh shit what was that loud ass sound comming from my engine. "oh no big deal its just my crankshaft going for a little walk it will be back" first gens dont have this slite prob.

posted by  boosted rb

Well my father just told me that for now hes only gonna put 4g out for a car. I guess just for now until i graduate from college... So alot of the cars i was looking into are out of the question. Anyone have any suggestions for a 4g or below car? Something fun to drive. Thanks, sorry if im being a neiusance.

posted by  Zubei

a great majority of the cars previously mentioned can be found for under 4g.

also, its the 95-97 DSM's that are seriously prone to crankwalk.

posted by  Inygknok

You're reading my mind :smoke:

posted by  lutz

If I were you I would seriously consider getting a CRX, but im biased. :laughing:

posted by  Zalight

porbably a crx would be best

posted by  nissanZfan

Dude, go HONDA all the way...they are too reliable and fun to drive to ignore...
For 15k you can get a 98-02 Accord or a 98-01 Prelude
Haven't seen a lot of people with modded out Accords and that's why i got an 01 coupe...Whatever you get, mod it out well and avoid ricing it

posted by  ShiverEP

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