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First time import ricer here,
Looking for a turbo. I just want it for show and to rev my engine for that sweet sound of the blow off valvle. :hi:. I dont want to put a lot of money under the hood. Found a turbo site for my D series honda engine. Stage 1 is for street use, injector size is stock, boost is about 5-7 psi horsepower gain is about 70 and 220 torque
price for that is $2,695.00. Stage 2 is for street and race. boost gain is 7-10 psi. Also stock injectors. Horsepower gain is 120 and 290 torque. Price for this baby is $3,795.00. If I install a turbo just for show would I need to change anything else on my engine or just leave it like that???? Any suggestion on what to buy??? Is this a good turbo system and price???? :mrgreen:

posted by  green_04_civic

i get it now, ricers get their performance parts which increase your horsepower and performance for show and some of them get body kits and looks to make it look fast.

Ricers shouldnt be allowed to buy turbo's, hmm just wish there was such a thing as a performance license...

posted by  WeaponR

why would you pay for a turbo just for show? Waste of money IMO.

posted by  Zubei

if you're going to get a turbo just for show, get it polish and have a filter showing, color coordinated of course. and get the biggest intercooler you can find. look into either AGP turbos, or at ebay motors

posted by  s13_Drifter

If I did ge it to race what other modifications would I need on the car??? How much more money would I need to spend??? I want to spend about 5 G's!!

posted by  green_04_civic

you will need a BOV or a bypass valve deffinetly to release the built up boost pressure from the intake system, a wastegate and a intercooler. a front-mount intercooler kit is always favourable. then ofcourse you would need better ignition, better fuel injectors/pump, a good intake/exhaust system to help rush air in/out the engine but ofcourse your doing it for show so i dont think that would be neccesary. oh and you would need a boost guage to add to the looks a little on the inside. you see when people see that gauge, they going to think there's a turbo hidden under that hood even though there might not be. you'll also get some downpipes and that which always adds to the look. get a chrome look, some thing that shines and also stands out. just like s13_drifter said, a filter adds to the look. some thing like this Picture ( but making sure that youve got a colour scheme going throughout the engine and not multi coloured filters here and there lol that would look clown-like!

that help?

posted by  WeaponR

Thanks a bunch!!!! :thumbs:

posted by  green_04_civic

i honestly dont like where this thread is going..... didnt even like it from the first few words......

posted by  Inygknok

oh i wish you walked into my yard looking for a car!!!! I sooo wish!!!! :hi:

infact, do you want to buy a car WITH a turbo already and import it from here?????

posted by  Unlicensed

I think he mentioned stage I and II can both use stock injectors.

posted by  abless

sorry, didnt read carefully. :doh: thanks any how

posted by  WeaponR

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