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i am going to be swapping in a SR20DET motor sometime in the next year or so into my 1990 240sx, and i was wondering while i have both engines out is there anything you reccommend i upgrade while it's out, like parts that are just not good stock on the motor?? any input would be greatly appriceated, and when you give input on what to upgrade my budget is not huge nor tiny...

posted by  240sx

everything is so much better when bought aftermarket..... u will need to seriously say what u would like from the performance aspects of the car....

the engine is good in stock form, so i really cant say something sucks in it. the only thing i can say i dont like is the stock clutch and stock crank driven fan.

posted by  Inygknok

ok so your puttin it in a 90 240....first question which swap did u plan on gettin from the sr class the s13 s14 or s15 .......that way i can recommend some things dependin on which route ud like to take......if you need those engines i have em for sale so let me know and we can work something out thanks

posted by  JdmEngines

ok, really important thing.


1) their 6 speed transmissions are a pain in the ass.

2) they are too expensive for wat they offer. even if they are brand new, if u want a good engine with low mileage just go with an s14 one.

3) pentroof cylinder head designs are bitching (redtop one), screw their mileage u will just end up machining it and sucking power from them for cheap :D

posted by  Inygknok

^^ agrees....ya plus the rest of the money u would have left u can just put into the motor and the s13 and s14 got more potential from what im hearing so thats a good thing as well

posted by  JdmEngines

im looking for an sr20det s13 turbo engine, you have one for less than 1k???

posted by  SexyDriftGal

are you just looking for the engine alone.....do you have the tranny and ecu for it already??

posted by  black_plague

There are alot of things you can put on or change before you install the engine. Turbo manifold, down pipes, intercooler, clutch, fuel pump, injectors, aluminum radiator...since the engine is not in the car yet, installing these things should be alot easier...

posted by  nissanTFsx

the engine doesnt need to be out to install the fuel pump..... doesnt even change the difficulty level....... also, the intercooler is not mounted to the engine, not in this engine at least, so it doesnt matter either. FMIC's are mounted up front and can be done at any time as well. its the pipes that connect it that are connected closest to the engine, and for this, the engine has to be installed so u know where to make the pipings go through (once inside the engine bay, u need to find the space and best route to make them go through).

the engine will already come with the manifold, no need to get a different one unless he wants to spend some extra money (which is probably unnecessary). the downpipe is easy to connect, and has to be put after the engine is installed (the longer ones will just make the engine installation more uncomfortable).

the radiator.... in some cars, yea, its a bit easier when the engine is out, but not that much. its hella easy in my car. 2 hoses, 2 brackets, and its out. those with electrical fans just have to take the fans out, thats it, and the SR has a crank driven one.

posted by  Inygknok

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