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Ok this is probably a stupiud question but when you get a bodykit it's not painted. Do you need to get the kit painted by itself or the whole car with the kit on it? I have no idea!

posted by  importnoob04

think my friend, think! it wouldnt really matter would it, either way around would do. you could fix it on and then give it a make over or do the make over on the car and kit seperately and then fix the kit on. unles your going for a two-tone or pearlscent colour, then you would need to fix the kit on 1st to make sure that you get the look right.

(im no body work expert so i can be wrong but im applying my comon sense here)

posted by  WeaponR

it depends... how old is the car? remember paint fade.

If you take it to a good bodyshop they can match it... so you dont have to repaint the entire car... (unless its like a pearl color) cuz those are a bitch!

now if I had the cash... I would repaint the entire car... thats just me... I'm anal when it comes to paint... :D

posted by  SunDown13X VR4

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