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Ok Guys I'm new so bare with me.

I'm turning sixteen soon and I have been thinking about a RSX, not an Type-S sadly. But I want to put in another 40-60 horse power into it. What are my options? And although I love to drive, I can't really do the mechanics, so how much am I looking at labor. Also I'm looking for some nice racing seats, what do you guys suggest┬┐ I can put about 2-3k into it mods.


posted by  Saven

OK...I've been posting on this site for about a week and have seen the same damn question twenty times:
"I have X car, I want to make it go fast... help."

Every post looks the same with varying part numbers. There are many options for you since you have about 3 grand to spend. There are turbos, nos, intake/exhaust, porting the head...blah blah blah. Damn you can even weight reduce the hell out of it by ripping out all interior and useless parts such as seat belts and air bags, because if you're retarded enough not to know how to perform simple engine upgrades and bolt ons, then you're retarded enough not to drive with airbags and seatbelts. And guess what, weight reduction is FREEEEE. Now if you want some real advice, scope the other 30 threads which ask the same damn question, or use a search engine to find some parts. Sorry first timer, i couldnt go easy on you because im so sick of this damn question. Peace Out :thumbs:

posted by  Zalight

Some people here appreciate introducing yourself in the introduction section too. :wink2:

Anyways, I'm a nice guy and I'm pretty new to mods too, so I'll be nice. :mrgreen: Intake and exhaust are usually the first things to be put in. I don't know the exact numbers, but I guess you might get about 20 more horses with both.

I'm a young driver (18), but I know the importance of driving responsibly. I think modding a new '04 RSX is pretty :screwy: for a new 16-yr-old driver. It's important to know that you're not the world's best driver or the king of the road, regardless of your newly modded RSX.

I know that I'm talking to a brick wall when it comes to teaching teenagers to drive responsibly, but I at least I get the satisfaction of knowing I tried. It takes a couple near-death situations before it really starts to sink in. Personal experience on this one. :ohcrap:

posted by  MaChao

Thanks MaChao.

Zalight, did you really have to freak on me... :ohcrap:

posted by  Saven

Sorry dude, I was just a little tired when i posted that... you know I love you! :mrgreen:

posted by  Zalight

do yourself a favor and drive it off a dock now, then pick up your insurence check and buy a huffy, its just as fast!

posted by  boosted rb

you sound like a bitter old man that drives a geo to your job as a x-ing guard but ive been wrong a time or two before.

posted by  boosted rb

hey not everybody is like that z???? guy so don't let it stop you from asking Q's later

posted by  boosted rb

Actually i'm a jovial youth who drives his CRX to his job at a radio station every day, and i already apologized to the guy for biting his head off. I just hadn't had a cigarette in two days and was rather irratable. But now i got a fresh pack of newports and am happy to answer any questions, so yes Saven please keep asking.

By the way since your car is a honda there are infinite possibilities of what you can do to it. The aftermarket for any honda is huge, just need to do a little research. Check out all the usual honda companies. Nothin but peace and love for you man!

posted by  Zalight

Another 40 crank hp can easily be picked up on a k20a3 (your engine) with just the three simple bolt ons (Intake,Header,Exhaust) and a Hondata. Should easily put you at Type-S level of power.

posted by  thunderbird1100

:D oh boy....

posted by  SunDown13X VR4

40 hp, from header, exhast, and intake, wow, those must be the best damn parts in the world. from only those 3 parts you could only get about 25, if you're lucky.

posted by  s13_Drifter

Its not the parts, it's the engine. I have seen dynos of the K20a getting 20 horsepower out of just headers. I think the stock parts might just be really restrictive, so when you upgrade to good parts you get great gains.

posted by  Zalight

those 3 parts AND a new ECU (Hondata).

Maybe you don't realize this...but the k20 is probably one of the best smaller engines when responding to mods...they EASILY see 12-17whp with JUST a CAi. Yes, WHEEL horsepower not CRANK. Seeing 17-20 crank hp from a CAi puts it nearly almost halfway to 40 more crank hp...three more mods will get it there.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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