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Well, my favourite car, the r34, so i was wonderin how much they cost second hand, yeah i cant get one now *points to birth date*, but i was curious how much they go for 2nd hand.

posted by  Yamaha R1

A second hand R34 GTR starts at about £12,500 - £45,000 depending on mileage etc... There not cheap to run (21 MPG i think) nor is insurance cheap at all. There really nice though :thumbs: RB26DETT :drool: ohhh yes!

incase you might not know the RB26DETT is the engine in the skyline R33 and R34 GTR the R34 has more torque than the R33 and nissans engine are easy to decode. RB 26 D E TT =

RB - engine block many people think it means "race breed"
26 - as in CC (2.6 litre engine)
D - Dual over head cam (DOHC)
E - ECCS (Electronically Concentrated engine Control System) in other words sensors will manage the engine runs
TT - twin turbo :thumbs: Fairly easy :)

* E - could also mean the Electronic fuel injection

posted by  Lukaz

R34's are fully sik.

posted by  GreekWarrior

i was looking at a hks article and saw the rb26dett thing. yeah the "e" is electronic fuel injection. and the rb was race bread.
pics of the hks factory were pant wetting! room just FULL of brand new rb26dett's straight from nissan, just sitting there on pallets wrapped in plastic :drool: waiting for the FULL hks treatment.

the car park!!!! well the car park...put it this way, if you had a fairy godmother (and i aint talking ru paul here) and she could grant your wishes, that car park is what we jap lovers would wish for! you'd happily sit on pervert santa's knee for that christmas wish! wouldn't ya!

btw, where the hell did you see a r34 gtr for 12G pounds??
I'm looking for a deacent r32 for $28000nzd (converted- 10G). :drool:

posted by  Unlicensed

There are people that live in Japan and make there money by buying second hand JDM sports cars then selling them to people overseas. They can get R34s for $20k sell them for $50k( about 26k pounds for those in the UK), and make you pay the import fee. It's a good business idea. And since a lot of Japaneese people sell there car at 40k miles rather then buy a new engine (thats the law over there, 40k is the official life of an engine) they can sell it for a lot of money because thats still considered very low miles in the U.S. and all over the world. Sometimes these people have their own websites and othertimes they just sell on ebay.

posted by  Zalight

well i'm sitting here with my jap friend KO and laughing at your info! its true that after about 100,000kms the road licensing becomes uneconomic. but thats were the facts end. yes some japanese people make money from selling used cars, but they dont make as much or anywhere near what your stating!
after typical mark ups, cars are still relativly similar priced as the uk domestic used market. most used cars are sold at auction in japan which gives fair idea what their value is. if your gonna pay way over the value of a car from japan then you deserve it for not doing your research.

ex. 96 v3 sti 90,000kms, $10000ish.
After compliance and shipping($2500),
wholesaled $12-$13000ish nzd.
retailed $17000ish. thats buying from auction in japan.

normal cars in japan get shunted out preety quick and cheap! anything popular like evo, sti, vr-4 or gt-r is popular with the japs too.

i think someones been telling you porky pies my friend.

posted by  Unlicensed

I meant people who move to japan specifically to do this.

I was talkin the U.S. there guy

That's very possible, But The guy who told me about this has been my friend all my life, and his story has been corroborated by a couple of other people. So no offense, but I trust him more then I do you. Even though you may be right , I will stick by my friend while I do some of my own research. And if your right then I will stand humbly corrected.

posted by  Zalight

just want to say, thank you for your response being in the manner to which I respect. that people is how this forum should be running i think. I did think after posting that it could be taken hostily? I'm glad it wasn't! that wasn't my intent.

but yes! do check your info from your bud. my info comes from working within the jdm import market and the japanese fella I work with.

posted by  Unlicensed

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