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I am a teenager whoe has high hopes of getting a car before college. I was recently intrigued by the new Mazda 3 hatchback. Its aggressiveness, true attention to detail, and the everything else that makes this car what it is. I started reading the spec, and ran into a problem.
1.I cant find all the information related to 0-60, quarter mile, and so on. Id like to find out somehow.
2. Also, i was wondering if there are any specific parts available that can increase performance, whether it be weight reduction, or horsepower gain. These items i am trying not to be over 100 bux, not making enough money for anything higher.
3. Also, I never really liked the real ricey sound to all these imports that sound like crotch rockets, to me they are weak and wimpy, no offense to those who like it. But I wanted to know if it was possible to install an exhaust package like flow master or something that can give the car a much needed giddyup, in the noise department. Im talking about a muscle car sound, is it possible and where should I look.

These are all the questions I have right now, I will proboly find some more as I scour the internet, thanx for all your help.

posted by  Bryan1187
There, go have fun. I have no idea why you would want this car if you don't have a high opinion of imports. I am of the opinion that Hondas are of a much higher quality than Mazdas, having owned one of each, but that is just my opinion. The tinny noises that many hondas make are caused by upgrades to the exhaust that are not backed up by an engine upgrade. Just leave your car alone and it'll sound fine. I do not believe that there is any cheap quick fix for power or performance that will not cause more harm than good in the long run.

If you wanted, you could spend less money on the car and then use the saved money to upgrade it. However, unless you know your way around engines you will have to take it to a shop, which is much more expensive than doing the work yourself. If you are going this route, choose a used car that is in good external shape, then buy a new engine and have upgrades installed at the time you are having the engine installed.

posted by  cheezysweet

well i do like hondas, my mom has an accord, the 2003. But I dont really like civics, we used to have three proteges in a row and they were good to us. Overall, i think the design of the mazda is better than anything else, it seems like quality. And if I do upgrade it, including cold air intake that will actually do more harm than good? What about my other questions?

posted by  Bryan1187

no, he was saying that cheap, quick fixes do more harm then good. Actual certified upgrades that you buy from good companies will be good to your car. But if you do something yourself and use tape and zip ties, your car won't really appreciate it. like, say, taking off your stock airbox and intake then using dryer hose connected to your throttle body with a high flow filter on the end as your own version of cold/ram air intake. Winding the hose through the wheel well (which you dremmeled a hole through) then ziptying the air filter in front of your radiator for maximum suckage (the technical term, of course)...not like I ever did that...ahem... :wink2: But really i didn't, it was my brothers car.

You said you only have $100 to spend? Good luck finding anything you can do that will give you good gains for that much money. Theres always wieght reduction which is free, until you get into the more advanced stuff. Depending on how much you value the appearance of your car you could drop up to 400-500lbs. You could take out your backseats, passenger seat, remove carpeting, disassemble the dash, take off your door panels, remove useless parts like the shift boot,shifterknob, radio and speakers etc. If you want a nice muscle car sound, you don't even need to spend any money whatsoever. just remove the exhaust completly and run open headers. I did it. My little CRX sounds louder then my friends musting GT with a Magnaflow Cat-Back on it.

Well good luck, my friend! Happy hunting for your parts!

posted by  Zalight

I meant I would not spend more than a hundred dollars per part, and as for the exhaust. I dont need an exhaust system to get that sound, just headers-and are hearders a good option?

posted by  Bryan1187

Yes headers are a great option, quick gains in power and relativly easy to install. Well, I don't know about mazda 3 power gains with headers but you usually get good gains out of them.

posted by  Zalight

I was told that doing that is illegal? and whish type of headers is recommended for a mazda 3?

posted by  Bryan1187

Yes taking off your exhaust is illegal in places where you have emissions testing, in other words 95% of the U.S. and most other places. But I happen to live in one of those wonderful counties with no emmissions. :lol: so I can pollute then environment as much as I want to. God I love this country.

Besides, there are other ways to get aroungd emmissions testing. Like Putting the exhaust on for the test and then taking it off at an opportune time. Or simply not registering your car. Not that I condone any illegal activities or anything...

As for the headers, im sorry but I don't know of any good ones for the Mazda 3 as I'm not A mazda guy, But I'm sure you could get a set from Mazdaspeed, Headman headers, DC Sports etc. Just make sure you check Mazdaspeed they make performance parts for almost every mazda out there, so your almost guaranteed to find something for it.

posted by  Zalight

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