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i have an '84 corolla and im gunna sell it now coz i cant affofd to rebuild it :cussing: but im trying to get the engine started so the guy who wants to buy it can drive it around the yard but the engine wont start, it just keeps clicking wen i try but i have cheaked all the fuses and and the engine is not seized up (any more) can someone plaese help me

posted by  megajuz3003

would be nice to put this in the appropriate section... :roll:

posted by  SuperJew

just a thought with out any real info, but sounds a little like either the starter motor brushes, or just simply lack of battery power?
try giving the starter motor a tap (has worked for me before), or quickly turning the key to start repeatedly (also has worked for me on worn brushes).
if its manual, just give it a push!

posted by  Unlicensed

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